3 jun 2013

SUMA FLAMENCA – the Madrid Flamenco Fair

SUMA Flamenca 2013: 3rd June to 30th June

Madrid has so much to offer, best Spanish food, thousand of tapas bars, Madrid festivities like San Isidro and of course, Flamenco shows. Madrid is the city with the highest average number of flamenco shows a day and with this year's SUMA FLAMENCA Fair starting on 4th June, we will be in for a real flamenco treat; 312 flamenco shows to be held in 19 different flamenco venues across 5 cities in the Comunidad, will convert Madrid into a Mecca for flamenco fans.

Are you going to miss it?

Flamenco tradition in Madrid

For the eighth time the Madrid Ministry of Tourism and Culture is proud to present the International SUMA FLAMENCA from the 4th June to 3rd July. Once again Madrid will be the place to be for all the international flamenco lovers, with performers coming from as far away as Israel and Bulgaria to perform. 

Flamenco – the theory

SUMA Flamenca in Madrid

Flamenco is a genre of Spanish music as well as a special term for the dance from southern Spain, Andalusia. The flamenco includes cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), baile (dance) and palmas (handclaps). Often people associate the flamenco with the so called “gitanos” (gypsies) and indeed there are a big number of Romanian people who are now famous flamenco artists. While dancing the flamenco, the artists express intense feelings and transfer the tension to their audience so that a flamenco show is always an adventure of feelings.

Nowadays, the flamenco is very popular all over the world. A quite surprising act for example is that in Japan are more academies teaching flamenco than in Spain itself. On 16th November 2010 the UNESCO declared the flamenco dance one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

SUMA FLAMENCA in figures

SUMA Flamenca in Alcalá de Henares

The SUMA FLAMENCA Madrid will take place in 5 locations: Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, La Cabrera, Móstoles and San Lorenzo de El Escorial in 19 different venues including Las Tablas and the Matadero Madrid. There are going to take place 312 shows, 26 of them in theatres and 286 in “tablaos” (typical places/bars of flamenco shows). As well as the flamenco shows, other related activities include courses for flamenco teachers and documentary films as well as 13 flamenco dancers making debut performances.

To make sure not to miss anything, check out the programme of the SUMA FLAMENCA Madrid and enjoy another exceptional opportunity that Madrid offers us.

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With this in mind just enjoy and don’t forget to appreciate the dancers with a loud “OLÉ”.

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