9 oct 2015

October 12th and Tapapies!

“…in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…” and landed in the Americas on the 12th of October! So what can we assume he ate upon arrival? Tapas!

Ok, maybe we’re wrong on the second one but, this coming week, the two are connected for sure. To begin with, everyone in Spain will be enjoying a beautiful ‘puente’ (three day weekend) in the sunny, crisp autumn air to celebrate Spain’s national holiday, “doce de octubre”.
Secondly, next weekend (the 16th) brings the beginning of Tapapies! Madrid’s favorite tapas celebration, held annually in the Lavapies neighborhood, features special tapas for only 1,50 at over 90 different bars and restaurants, so celebrate Columbus’ discovery with a slight buzz and a full belly! Here’s a little more history and detail on each one:

Doce de octubre

Previously known as the ‘Día de la Raza’ (Day of the Spanish Race), doce de octubre commemorates Columbus’ arrival in the Americas and has been recognized as a national holiday for nearly a century. In 1981, the day was adapted to celebrate Spain’s connections with Hispanic countries and, in 1987, it was officially named the National Day of Spain. The day is commemorated with an enormous military parade going down the Castellana and demonstrations from the Spanish Air Force.


A 10 day food party in the heart of Madrid's barrio of Lavapiés! From the 15th of October you can enjoy cheap, varied and delicious food you can't miss it! There will be 90 participating bars offering a tapas for €1,50 (€2,50 combined with a drink). If last years numbers are anything to go by, this event will be HUGE! With more than 100,000 visitors cramming into the streets to enjoy the festivities. It's not just about the food, the Spanish like any excuse to party and make a noise so there will be 60 open-air concerts and performances over the course of this MAGNIFICENT party. 

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