13 jun 2012

Madrid 's Gay Pride Parade 2014

Gay Pride Parade in Madrid
It’s that time of year again – Gay Pride Parade 2014 is nearly here in Madrid. By far one of the biggest parties of the year, Gay Pride in Madrid is sure to offer something for everyone, gay or not. It happens every year and gets bigger and more unique everytime. Everyone, Madrileño or not, Spanish or not, who knows how to have a good time gets out onto the streets for Europe’s biggest gay festival. Make sure you get down to Plaza de Colon this saturday where the biggest party is set to take place. You CANNOT miss it!

Where and when?

The high heels race
The gay festival will kick off this year on Wednesday 2nd July with an opening address in Plaza de Chueca at 21:00, after which point the whole neighbourhood will be teeming with music, performances, concerts and cultural events. You can find Madrid’s best drag queens in Calle Pelayo, which is also where they hold the famous stilletto race – if you’ve ever wanted to watch a load of grown men (of all ages) try to outrun each other in huge stilettos, this is your chance!

Anyone living in Madrid knows Chueca is a great place for some retail indulgence, but it has much, much more to offer than just good shops. A young, vibrant, colourful and lively place, it’s full of cafés, nightclubs, bars and boutiques, and there’s always something going on. Especially during gay pride week!

Jorge Javier Vázquez enjoying Orgullo Gay
If you want to see drunk people, naked people, famous people, drunk naked and famous people, or want to get drunk or naked yourself (and maybe become famous in the process) then Jorge Javier Vázquez, the flamboyant Spanish TV presenter who turns up at Gay Pride more drunk and less clothed every year, will surely be your idol, and Chueca (the gay neighbourhood right in the centre of Madrid) is therefore the only place for you to be at the beginning of July.

The Gay Pride Parade, known in Spain as Madrid Orgullo (and shortened to just “Mado”), is on Saturday 5th July and will be attended by over a million people, including thousands from other countries around the world.

The largest gay demonstration in Europe

Madrid Gay Pride Parade 2011
Arriving in Madrid in 1979, in the wake of Franco’s death and the emergence of liberal democracy, Madrid Gay Pride Parade, as it is known in English, has since become the largest gay demonstration in Europe, with government figures citing 1.5 million attendees in 2009.
Indeed Spain and Madrid have a lot to be proud of in this area of society, as in 2007 the European Pride Parade, Europride, was held in Madrid with around 2.5 million people involved and hundreds of events going on for an entire week, in celebration of Spain having the most developed LGBT rights on the planet.

Madrid Orgullo is one of the standout events of the sparkling cultural calendar enjoyed in Madrid, and indeed in Spain. One would be a fool to miss it, especially if you’re not in Madrid for long, and how often do you get the chance to party with a million people?

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