22 jun 2012

El Día E: Celebrate Spanish with the Instituto Cervantes!

Instituto Cervantes Madrid
This Saturday, 23 June, the Instituto Cervantes (by which AIL Madrid is accredited) will, it’s in Madrid headquarters as well as in 44 other countries, celebrate the fourth edition of El Día E, a worldwide festival for Spanish speakers.
Spanish, which now boasts 500 million speakers, is also the second most widely spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers, the second most prevalent in international communication, the third most used on the internet, and lays claim to 21 countries for which it is the official language.

The objective of El Día E is to spread the culture of Spanish across all five continents (in a non-colonial way), to come together once a year, united by our common language and to share the vast, rich and diverse culture which is enjoyed by Spanish speakers. Starting in the morning, the festival here in Madrid will include cultural activities like these:
  - Live concert: Mastretta – Sala de Exposiciones (Instituto Cervantes)
  - Guided visit: La Caja de las Letras en El Día E (Instituto Cervantes)
  - Storytelling: Literary recitement – Sala de Conferencias (Instituto Cervantes) – Discover the history of: Latin America: Mexican legends, Guarani stories, Cuban tales, Venezuelan fables and Brazilian myths. Tales from distinct parts of the Spanish speaking world that are a reflection of the many different colours and shades that you find in the culture of the Spanish world.
  - Workshops: Painted Words, Creative Letters – Sala de Exposiciones (Instituto Cervantes) – What is your favourite Spanish word? Decorate your face with various colours and textures, and find a surprise souvenir.
  - Open Day (Instituto Cervantes) – tropical Schizophrenia

Over a dozen famous people from the world of culture will be there this year. Every one of these honoured men and women have chosen their favourite Spanish word. What is yours?

El día E - Instituto Cervantes - Madrid,  Spain
Get down to the festival of Spanish with the Instituto Cervantes! Students, teachers and schools: anyone and everyone involved with Spanish is invited. Entry is free and no reservation is needed. Just get yourself to their Madrid HQ, (Calle Álcala, 49) and celebrate that you speak Spanish!

For more information, visit Dia E page.

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