29 jul 2013

Madrid: The Spanish capital of art – Part 2

Casa Sorolla's Garden
So your thirst for art hasn´t been quenched by our first article on Madrid’s Art Triangle? Well prepare yourself because Madrid is full of surprises and the long list of museums and galleries takes some exhausting! We´ve picked out some of the best lesser-known (but well worth a visit!) museums in the capital: Casa-museo de Joaquín Sorolla, Museo del Romanticismo and Casa-museo Cerralbo. 

Casa-museo de Sorolla

View from Casa Sorolla's Garden
Casa-Museo de Sorolla was founded as a museum in memory of the great Spanish artist Joaquín Sorolla, internationally recognised for his beach-themed paintings.

The museum, which exhibits the artist´s house and workplace, is a true recreation of the environment that inspired his distinguishing techniques. As well as the exhibition of his artwork, you can tour the house to get a feel of what life was really like for Sorolla.

Once you have finished looking around the house, don’t forget the garden where you can explore Sorolla´s three studios! Did you know that some of the most inspired artworks of the Spanish coast were created in central Madrid? Discover Sorolla´s world for free on Sundays.

Museo del Romanticismo: Madrid´s romantic history

An ancient harp you can see in the museum!
Continue on our journey through the 19th century to the Museum of Romanticism. Here, in the palace of the Marqués de Matallana, you will find a collection of 86 paintings in their original surroundings with old furnishings and décor typical of the era: lots of pastel colours, enormous chandeliers, and impressive picture frames. Fascinating!

Step back in time and discover the customs and lifestyle of 19th century Romanticism in Madrid including its cultural and political influences. Far from the big and crowded museums which can lack atmosphere and personality, the Romanticism Museum was designed to transport you to the unique surroundings of a unique period of Madrileño history.

So for emotional stimulation, visit this museum packed with history which has been open to the public since the 1920s. Watch a video about the museum published on its website here. Enjoy it for free every Saturday!

Casa-Museo Cerralbo: something for everyone

Piece of armour you can find...
Let’s stay authentic with the Casa-Museo Cerralbo, which transports you to the 20th century! The appeal of this museum which attracts so many curious visitors is the great wealth and variety of its exhibits: You will find paintings, artworks and also some more unusual objects (including 700 fabulous pieces of armour from wars across Europe, Asia, America and Australasia) that will captivate you from the first minute you enter the museum.

The museum also houses around 200 archaeological artifacts dating from ancient history up to the Middle Ages, including ceramics, sculptures and textiles, and some objects that seem more unusual for the era such as alarm clocks, coins, baths, telephones and souvenirs. More than a museum, it’s a sentimental journey!

And you are still looking for more....

Do you want to know more about art in Madrid? The streets of the capital are home to dozens of art galleries and different museums like the Caixa Forum, where you can view exhibitions and attend cultural workshops, and also the Archaeological Museum. Discover thousands of ancient artifacts!

Going to museums isn’t the only option for enjoying art in Madrid: The streets themselves are authentic works of art! The neighborhood of Malasaña is a fine example of this. Enjoy the sun and walk through Madrid and discover its hidden artistic treasures.

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