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Madrid 2020: The Olympic Dream

What makes a great Olympic Games? Is it the number of records broken? The splendour of the opening ceremony? Of course not! What truly makes the Olympic Games special is the city that hosts the Games, and Madrid is “especially” ready to host the Olympics in 2020.

Throughout Spain, everyone is confident that on the 7th September the International Olympic Committee will elect Madrid over Tokyo and Istanbul in the final vote to host the 2020 Summer Olympics. Discover why Madrid is the ideal venue for the Olympic Games 2020...

Madrid: Primed for Olympic Glory!

The beautiful Casa de Campo, 
a key venue for the Madrid 
Olympic Games 2020 
Madrid already has what it takes in terms of facilities: one of its main selling points is that most of the venues needed to host the 2020 Olympics are already built: Santiago Bernabéu regularly hosts international crowds, the Casa de Campo hosts the World Triathlon Series events each year, and in the Retiro Park, beach volleyball, just moments away from AIL Madrid! Furthermore, the city boasts an enviable transport system to cater to international spectators - the extensive, efficient metro system and nearby Barajas Airport, Europe's fourth biggest airport. And don’t forget, Madrid is one of the safest cities in the world.

Olympic Spirit

Former Olympian Prince Felipe 
backs the 2020 Madrid Olympic bid
The one thing that Madrid has that sets it apart from the competition is enthusiasm – the host city hasn’t even been chosen yet and already Madrid can boast over 50,000 volunteers! Another example of this enthusiasm is that former Olympic sailor Prince Felipe wowed the IOC last month during the presentation of Madrid’s bid, and last week, over 100 sports enthusiasts participated in a 10km race through the Madrid Metro system

Madrid's unequalled dedication to hosting the 2020 Olympics is sure to impress the IOC. Not only is this Madrid's third successive Olympic bid , but national and regional politicians have demonstrated support in a myriad of ways: from Madrid mayor Ana Botella's tireless campaigning, to the national government's new anti-doping legislation. By contrast in Turkey, national approval for the Olympic Bid is 76%, a lacklustre 67% in Japan, but a glowing 84% from Spain. It’s clear to see that Spaniards have Olympic spirit in spades!

Madrid 2020: the Safest Option

Madrid’s 2020 Olympic Games
enthusiasts out in force
Of course, doubts persist about Spain’s economy. But since Spain is finally shaking off the shackles of recession, alongside such public fervour the IOC is confident that the Crisis will not affect ticket sales. Indeed, it is in Madrid’s interests to host an unforgettable Olympics, because of the surge in employment and the cash injection from international spectators that 2020 promises. So forget any hesitation about the crisis, Madrid is clearly the best option for a safe and secure Olympic Games: despite Japan’s affluence, radiation from Fukushima threatens the security of the Games, meanwhile Turkey is contending with rioting in Istanbul, a Syrian refugee crisis and the recent doping scandal. 


The Olympic Power Index rates 
each city on 11 categories 
related to Olympic bids.
Experts have repeatedly shortened the odds on a Madrid Olympics in 2020. According to the Olympic Power Index, Madrid leads in 2 categories out of 11 and are joint lead in another 5. As is shown in the graph on the right, Madrid and Tokyo are the favourites in the Olympic race. All eyes will be on Buenos Aires on the 7th September, when the IOC will take its final decision. Madrid, the Gold Medal will be yours!

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