12 nov 2013

Spanish Omelette Recipe

Spanish Omelette – you’ll love it! 
Autumn has finally arrived in Madrid, and as the temperature drops, the Spaniards are beginning to forsake the refreshing gazpacho of the summer months with something a little more substantial. If you’re looking for a typical Spanish dish that ticks all the boxes as winter closes in on us, we recommend an authentic Spanish omelette!

So who invented the Spanish Omelette?

It is conjectured that the dish originated in Navarre but no-one quite knows who first cooked it, or when. One Spanish general called Thomas Zumalacárregui seems to have had something to do with the invention of the tasty dish: one story claims he invented it because it was cheap, simple, nutritious, yet substantial enough to keep an army on its feet. Another version of the story is that he entered a farm in Navarre and asked for some food; the startled housewife had nothing to cook except eggs, onion and potato, so she whipped up an omelette. Fortunately for her (and us), he loved it and soon the dish was popular throughout the peninsula.

Spanish Omelette Recipe: Simple yet Satisfying

You too can enjoy a Spanish omelette with this simple recipe! Here we will be focusing on a basic omelette– and once you’ve got that down, get creative and add other ingredients like pepper, mushrooms, chorizo or cheese! This recipe serves four as a main course, but of course if you’re being truly Spanish and enjoying tapas, it serves 6-8! 

You will need:

2 bowls to mix the ingredients (one fairly big)
A chopping knife
2 frying pans (at least one must be big enough to fry the potato and onions)
Wooden spoon for mixing ingredients


The man we have to thank for Spanish 
omelettes- Thomas Zumalacárregui
7 medium-sized peeled potatoes (if you want a truly hearty dish, add more!)
1 large onion
6 large eggs
3 cups of good-quality olive oil
Salt and pepper according to taste


  1. Peel the potatoes, halve lengthways and then cut into fine slices. Place in a large bowl
  2. Peel and chop the onion into small pieces, and add to the bowl with the potatoes, and if you like seasoning add the salt and pepper
  3. In the other bowl, whisk the eggs
  4. In the bigger frying pan, warm the oil until it is the right temperature for frying (test it with a single slice of potato if you aren’t sure), and then put the onions and potatoes in the pan. The oil should nearly cover the mixture. Fry until the potatoes are soft, then drain the oil from the mixture 
  5. Mix the eggs in with the potatoes and onions
  6. Warm a tablespoon or two of oil in the smaller frying pan, then add the mixture of eggs, onion and potatoes to fry. Space out the potato and onion evenly over the pan. Let it cook at the edges, occasionally lifting the edges with a spatula to let more mixture cook and to check it has browned underneath. Do not cook it completely -the top of the omelette should still be runny
  7. Take the pan off the heat. Take the dinner plate, place upside down over the pan, and hold it firmly in place over the mixture. Quickly turn the pan and plate over so that the plate catches the omelette
  8. Take the pan back to the stove, heat another tablespoon of oil, and then slide the omelette off the plate and into the pan, runny side down. Cook for another 4-5 minutes, or whenever it looks finished
  9. Turn the heat off, and let it cool for 2 minutes. Put the omelette onto a plate
  10. Slice into eight like a cake to serve as a main course, or thinner pieces for tapas.
  11. Enjoy!

Top Spanish Omelettes in Madrid

In Spain, omelette is often served 
as a “pincho” (small portion)
But if you’re a novice cook, you hate the washing up or if you simply think some things are best left to professionals, then Madrid is full of great places to eat where you can buy an authentic Spanish omelette! Restaurants in Madrid are renowned, so check out these brilliant bars and restaurants and order an exquisite omelette!

Meson de la Tortilla
Cava de San Miguel 15, 28005 Madrid 
With friendly service, traditional tapas and a prime location just below Plaza Mayor, it is a favourite that locals and tourists alike keep going back too!

Las Tortillas de Gabino 
Calle Rafael Calvo, 20, 28010 Madrid
This classy establishment is perfect for people looking for a less noisy night than in El Tigre, offering a great choice of different types of Spanish omelette!

El Tigre 
Calle de las Infantas, 30, 28004 Madrid
The cheap and cheerful option, in the very centre of Madrid! El Tigre is always busy, and once you see the prices you won’t be surprised! Free tapas of all shapes and sizes come with all drinks!

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