1 sept 2014

Event of the Week in Madrid: Concert with Ani DiFranco in Sala Arena

Ani DiFranco performing
on one of her previous tours.
What better way to spend a Saturday night than at a vibrant concert, with an artist who not only sings, but also plays the guitar and writes her own songs? Sounds too good to be true? Ani DiFranco is widely considered by critics to have an outstanding singing voice, and also produce music from a variety of genres, and on Saturday 6th September she is coming to Madrid, and will be performing in Sala Arena! Madrid is the first stop on her tour: she will be travelling Europe in September, followed by the United States in October and November. Give yourself something exciting to look forward to this weekend, and book tickets to a wonderful concert in the centre of Madrid!



What type of music does Ani DiFranco sing? 


Ani DiFranco is known
for being very politically
Ani DiFranco’s music is very varied. Her music is generally viewed as folk rock, or alternative rock, however her early albums had clear punk, funk, hip-hop and jazz influences. Having released more than 20 albums, her concert in Madrid will be based on her newest album ´Which side are you on?’, which she will be singing live.  Ani DiFranco’s music stands out from the crows; she addresses political issues such as gay rights and abortion, crisis, and the ups and downs of modern society.

 'Which side are you on?', a reworking of the Florence Reece song.



How do I buy tickets for Ani DiFranco’s concert?

You can buy tickets for the concert online, on DoctorMusic or TicketMaster. Tickets are just 23€, meaning having a memorable night out with great music couldn’t be easier! If you prefer, you can also buy tickets on the phone (902 15 00 25), or by going to Viajes Carrefour, Fnac or Halcón Viajes.  You can also buy tickets on the door for 25€. We hope you have a fantastic weekend in Madrid! The weather is still brilliant, and the evenings are warm and light. There’s plenty to do, and this concert is just one of the many exciting things you can get involved with this weekend!  If you’re looking for something to keep you busy in the day, don’t forget about the Basketball World Cup, arriving in Madrid this weekend!

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