29 sept 2014

Event of the Week in Madrid: VillaManuela Festival 2014

The amazing range of music
 at the VillaManuela festival.
It pretty much goes without saying that great music, combined with a bit of shopping, interesting art exhibitions, activities for all ages and delicious Spanish food makes for an ideal weekend in Madrid.  At the VillaManuela Festival, you can find all these things in one place! The aim of the festival is to bring all local music, gastronomy, unique local businesses and art  from the Masalaña and Conde-Duque Districts together to create a unique occasion.

1.    So what exactly is happening at the VillaManuela festival?


Love discovering some of the latest bands and dancing the night away with amazing music? From 2nd-4th October, you can enjoy some fantastic music from up-and-coming artists and groups, starting in the early evening and continuing till 6am in the morning each day: true Spanish fiesta style! With performances in three different clubs, there’s more than enough to choose from.

Shopping-addict? The VillaManuela festival is for you! From vintage clothing and accessories to recycled music and a beer delicatessen; whatever you’re looking for, the VillaManuela Festival has it covered! Plus, with discounts of up to 25%, who can say no?

Don’t forget that this festival is suitable for all the family, with children’s music and an electronic music workshop for children aged 5-10.

‘[Hiper]Objetos’ is sure to be
 an interesting exhibition.

There are also a variety of unique art exhibitions, all of which are free entry, and many of which are continuing after the festival! Discover some of the best local Madrid artists with ‘Artistas del Barrio’ and ‘[Hiper]Objetos’, which looks into the connection between art and everyday objects. With many more to discover, there’s something for every taste!

2.    Whereabouts in Madrid is the VillaManuela festival taking place? 


The VillaManuela festival is taking place in the Masalaña and Conde-Duque districts of Madrid, with all the music performances in C/ Barceló, 11, and the art exhibitions, food and shopping nearby. 

3.    Where can I buy tickets for the festival, and how much do they cost?


Who can say no to some
 great Spanish beer?
You can buy day passes for 28€ a day, or, if you would like to enjoy all the festivities, you can pay 70€ for a 3 day pass. You can buy tickets online or at Cuervo Store. Ticket holders can also pay  6€ to gain special access to the festival opening on Wednesday 1st October, where Grosgoroth, Kevin Morby and BFlecha will perform live songs from the album βeta, one of the most memorable albums last year. 

Going to a Spanish festival is a great way to see some of the best Spanish culture and relax after a busy week in Madrid! As VillaManuela is a local festival, it will be packed with madrileños making it the ideal way to discover more about the Spanish capital.

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