4 ago 2015

Meet Our Professors: the AIL Madrid web series!

This summer’s hottest web series has is premiering today*! Spanish classes in Spain have never been more titillating, uproarious, or full of life than they are with the AIL Madrid Spanish teachers and now we’re sharing the love!

Watching Meet Our Professors, our already infamous web series, is not unlike watching the little known series ‘Friends’- but instead of asking yourself if you’re a Rachel or a Phoebe you’ll be asking: am I the mysterious Jesús, the philosophic Sergio, the globe-trotting Susana, or the goofy Andrés? Fortunately, we have all the luck: we’re a little bit of each!

So join the AIL Madrid love train right here, with the very first episode of ‘Meet Our Professors’ and we’ll see you soon in Spanish class!

*Warning: watching these videos may cause impulsive returns to Madrid, uncontrollable hugging of your AIL professor, and the compulsive need to share with all your friends and family on social media: HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK HOW AWESOME MY TEACHER IS!!

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