27 ago 2015

Spanish Immersion Course in the Outdoors!

Improve your Spanish in the wild spirit of Granada!


A fun programme was organised by Spanish teachers to encourage you to practise your skills in real and natural situations. Mornings consist of 3.5 hours of classes which are then followed by lunch, writing time, afternoon activities such as kayaking, paddle surfing, hiking or visiting local museums.

But that’s not all - evenings will be also very busy! We offer outdoor cinema, trips to local towns, cooking classes and much more. Max 5 students per group (2 groups).


The Rural House, located in Benalúa de las Villas, near Granada, is surrounded by 2 hectares of fruit trees, a vegetable garden and a swimming pool.

Price: 450€

Includes accommodation, food, classes, activities, materials and transport from Granada.


30 Aug - 5 Sept ember
13 - 19 September

If interested, please contact Pablo at pablo@ailmadrid.com

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