24 nov 2015

Madrid Christmas Lights and Markets, 2015 Edition!

Christmas Lights

The big day is almost here: on November 27th Madrid will be aglow with holiday spirit as the spectacular Christmas lights are switched on for the first time this season! According to tradition, the lights will be turned on at exactly 6pm the last Friday of November. See below for the complete schedule of sparkling holiday excitement!

This year Madrid is continuing with its eco-friendly, energy-efficient LED displays, which were created just for Madrid by renowned urban designers and architects. One of the most complete ways to enjoy this display is by taking the NaviBus from the stop in front of Serrano 30, which tours the most impressive, breathtaking streets of Madrid. Can you think of a better way to get into the holiday spirit?

Christmas Markets

But wait, there’s more! November 27th also marks the reopening of the “mercadillos” (Christmas markets) of Madrid all over the city. If you have ever been to Madrid then you know that this city knows how to rock a market, but the Christmas season takes them to a whole new level. Added bonus: everything is made here in Spain!

So get out there and buy yourself some traditional handmade Spanish products or Christmas decorations. Treat yourself to the most delicious Spanish sweets and puddings… or, you know, get your Christmas shopping done in a unique way that puts black Friday to shame! These markets are honestly so good you’ll be asking yourself why it can’t be Christmas all year!

The Madrid Christmas Display Schedule

  • From Sunday to Wednesday, enjoy the magnificent lights until 23:00
  • Weekends and Holidays, bask in their Christmassy glow until midnight
  • 24th of December and 5th January they are on until 3:00am
  • 31st December, ‘Las Campanadas’– (the last 12 seconds of the year)’, party with in the glow until 6:00am 
Does Christmas in Madrid seem so exciting you might make an impromptu trip? Try adding AIL Madrid Spanish classes to your Christmas wanderings and get the full experience! 

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