18 feb 2016

Madrid: An Urban Jungle Wonderland

The Spanish capital is getting an exciting new look! Continuing the European tradition of leading environmental initiatives, the city of Madrid has unveiled a new plan to cover almost every available space with plant life.

Beginning with 22 new parks in reclaimed spaces, the project also aims to cover rooftops and exterior walls with a layer of green goodness. Urban planners also intend to up the number of trees along streets and in squares, as well as along the banks of the Manzanares River.

But perhaps one of the coolest facets of the living Madrid project is the plan to fund an urban gardening school to educate the generations to come about urban sustainability!

So what will this mean if you live in or are visiting Madrid? Well the most obvious is that it enhances our already stunning city into a natural wonderland. And, aside from the visually appealing element, it means a plethora of new picnic spots and secret garden getaways, fantastic fresh air, and an even more enjoyable summer climate.

It also means Madrid is joining the ranks of the world’s most forward thinking cities, with a sustainability program that will lead others for years to come. Now, more than ever, is the time to get to know Madrid, its innovative residents, and its incredible rooftops!

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