16 mar 2016

Opening for Raquel Portillo’s new exhibition, this Friday!

Our incredible, artistic friend Raquel Portillo Caballero is wowing Madrid with how fabulous she is again, this time with a new exhibition! As many of you may remember, Raquel is responsible for the expressive, Madrid-centric artwork featured in our classrooms (see our review of the series), which continue to impress and delight our students and teachers on a daily basis.

We are hugely pleased to announce that she is also completing a new series for AIL, but we’re keeping her new work to ourselves until the grand opening- so, more on that later! In the meantime, anyone looking to enjoy her stunning creations should mark their calendars this Friday for the opening of her new show in ARA ARTE Galería, located at Calle Raimundo Lulio, 10 (metro Iglesia, Quevedo, or Bilbao).

Raquel’s artistic work continues to grow, build, and amaze us. Using colors and tones from the baroque in some of her latest works, as well as playing with layers and textures of vapors, solids, and planes, Raquel is flexing her artistic prowess and has her followers excited to see her new works.

The opening this Friday will be fantastic and provides a great opportunity to meet Raquel and see additional works by Elia Núñez Barez and Carlos Rivas.  If you can’t make it this Friday, the exhibition will be available until the 2nd of April, so be sure to stop by!

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