20 ene 2017

Student life in Madrid!

Hi there!  If you don’t know what to do or where to go during your stay in Madrid, here are some of the best places according to one of our students; she has so much to tell us so let’s get started!

Best bars and clubs

1. Circulo de Bellas Artes

This has been mine and my friends’ go-to bar throughout my time in Madrid. The bar provides you with a 360 view of Madrid and a relaxed, informal atmosphere so it’s the perfect place to enjoy the sunset and some casual drinks at the end of the day!
Metro: Banco de España (line 2)

2. Platea

Platea is one of my absolute favourite bars if I want a bit more of a fancy place, perfect for an occasion like a birthday. Serving every drink under the sun, from a caña to exquisite cocktails, Platea serves something to everyone’s taste. It also has a great restaurant on the bottom floor with an extensive menu, as well as endless tapas counters scattered around making it even more appealing!
Metro: Serrano (line 4) or Colon (line 4)

3. Espit Chupitos

As is in the name, Espit Chupitos specializes in serving shots which are sure to start your night off in style. Altogether it serves over 600 different types of shots (a personal favourite of mine and my friends´ is the cannabis absinthe shot), cocktails and other drinks in unimaginable flavours and so with 2 euro shots and mainstream chart music playing throughout the bar; it’s a great place to go for some fun before heading to the club.
Metro: San Bernardo (line 2)

4. Teatro Kapital

Kapital is one of Madrid’s most exclusive nightclubs and I still haven’t been to all of its floors! The slightly elevated entry price is worth it, especially in a big group. You can get there early and enjoy a drink on the 7th floor rooftop bar and stay there until the early hours of the morning dancing away to the different types of music played on each floor. Although I don’t go to Kapital very often, it’s my favourite place to go for a birthday or a big night!
Metro: Atocha (line 1)

5. Joy Eslava

If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper and more casual night out than Kapital can provide, Joy Eslava is a good bet. However, just because it is cheaper and more casual than Barcelo or Kapital, it doesn’t mean that it’s any less boring. There are 4 floors and it is open 6 days a week so is my go-to for a spontaneous night out!
Metro: Opera (lines 2 or 5)

Best places to eat

1. Mercado San Miguel

This is hands down my favourite place to eat in Madrid. It offers a huge variety of food and it is all fresh and is reasonably priced. Perfect for whether you want just a caña and some quick tapas or whether you and your friends want to go to have paella.
Metro: Sol (lines 1, 2 or 3) or Opera (lines 2 or 5)

2. Casa Maravillas

Casa Maravillas is great because it serves a great variety of food and drinks. The restaurant always has a great atmosphere and is the perfect setting to catch up with your group of friends. I really enjoy the ‘Spanish vibe’ that the music and decoration gives to the place.
Metro: Príncipe de Vergara (lines 2 or 9)

3. 100 Montaditos

100 Montaditos is the definition of the Spanish phrase ‘bueno, bonito, barato’. My friends and I always go to a 100 Montaditos to have some cheap drinks and food. Another great thing about 100 Montaditos is that every Wednesday and Sunday, the whole menu, food and drinks, is 1 euro. It provides the perfect hangover cure on a Sunday after a heavy Saturday night!
Metro: various, these are all over Madrid!

4. El Tigre

With a free portion of tapas coming with every drink, you really can’t go wrong in El Tigre. The atmosphere is buzzing and I love spending my Friday nights here catching up with my friends after a week studying. It’s a great place to absorb the Spanish culture with beer and typical Spanish plates!
Metro: Chueca (line 5)

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