21 abr 2017

Netflix Academy – Improve your Spanish by watching TV!

Ask a language teacher the best way to learn a language and they will almost certainly say that immersing yourself in the culture is a great way to start. This may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t mean you have to pack your suitcase and head to a foreign country straight away! What if I told you that you needn’t go further than the very device you are reading this on? 

An excellent way to improve your language skills is to absorb material in that language – whether it is literature, the news, or – that’s right – TV shows! To make sure you can learn as much as possible from watching Spanish shows, follow our guide depending on your language level.

Beginners: If you are not used to hearing Spanish, TV shows may sound like a load of nonsense. Have patience! Try putting on subtitles in your native language and seeing if there are any words you recognise in Spanish, whilst still following the story.
Intermediate: If available, put on Spanish subtitles whilst watching the show. This way, you will learn new vocabulary whilst improving your reading and listening skills.
Advanced: Turn off the subtitles completely! Challenge yourself to really listen to the language instead of relying on reading the subtitles.

Not sure where to start? Here are our top 5 Spanish language programmes for those looking to enrich their cultural knowledge and vocabulary. 

Narcos (Colombia, 2015-)

Great for beginners, this recent hit follows the true life story of infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in Medellín, Colombia. Half in Spanish, half in English, this drama allows viewers to see the situation from both the American Drug Enforcement Agency and Colombian citizens’ viewpoint. 

Available on: Netflix
Recommended for: 15+

Capadocia (Mexico, 2008-)

Capadocia is a thrilling drama revolving around the lives of women in an experimental Mexican prison and the stories of how they all came to be there. Expect grit, shock and heartbreak.

Available on: HBO Go, Amazon Video
Recommended for: 18+

Club de Cuervos (Mexico, 2015-)

A light-hearted Mexican comedy about two siblings’ fight for their father’s football club after his passing. Full of laughs, scandal and plenty of Mexican slang!

Available on:  Netflix
Recommended for: 15+

Gran Hotel (Spain, 2011-2013)

This series caused a storm in Spain, much like Downton Abbey did worldwide. A historical drama set in the 20th century in Santander, “Gran Hotel” lets us in to the lives of the aristocracy of years gone by.

Available on: Netflix, Hulu
Recommended for: 12+

Ingobernable (Mexico, 2017-)

A brand new drama starring well-known actress Kate Del Castillo, “Ingobernable” tracks the life of the First Lady of Mexico after she begins to mistrust her husband. It embraces its Mexican heritage with the high level of drama all too often seen in telenovelas. 

Available on: Netflix
Recommended for: 15+

So get comfy, grab the popcorn and get watching!

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