10 jul 2018

Summer in Madrid: what to do?

You’re planning to travel to Madrid this summer but you don’t know what to do there? Don’t worry, we have a lot of ideas for you. Madrid in summer is a charming city. Sun, beers, tapas and fiestas, a perfect life is waiting for you. Many festivities take place, so, for sure, you will spend the best time of your life.

1. Music festivals

If you are fond of music as much as Spanish people are, Madrid is the perfect place for you. In summer, there are several festivals take place in the city. If you like electro music, you can’t miss"A Summer Story" festival which gathers DJs from all around the world during one full weekend. You can also go to the"MulaFest" or "Festival Paraíso" where many activities and concerts are waiting for you. If you prefer rock music, your wish will come true. The "Mad Cool Festival" and the "Download Festival" welcome famous bands which ensure you have good time: Rock’n Roll. If you are looking for other types of music, the "DCODE Festival", the "noches del Botánico" or the famous "Universal Music Festival" will promise you some fun as well. 

2. Open-air cinema 

If you are a movie enthusiast but don’t want to spend your summer locked in your house, we’ll make you happy because we have THE solution: open-air cinema. Summer is a perfect season to enjoy a movie under the stars. Every year, Madrid welcomes you to several open-air cinema festivals such as"Fescinal" or "CineCebada" which project all kind of movies: comedy, drama, action, etc. It will be hard for you to choose, going through the large repertoir they have. You have only one thing left to do: buy some pop-corn!

3. Fiestas in the city

Summer in Madrid also means fiestas!!! In August, more precisely, 3 block parties are celebrated: San Cayetano in Rastro-Embajaradores, San Lorenzo in Lavapiés and La Paloma in La Latina. Almost two weeks of fiesta full of concerts, dances, street food… If you go to one of these fiestas, you will live through an amazing experience, with many people from Madrid who always know how to create a fun atmosphere. It is the perfect opportunity to gain a real Spanish-life experience.

4. Swimming-pool and parks

Apart from all these festivities,
there are a lot more activities that will keep you busy all day and and even all night long. Summer is the season of swimming-pools in the Spanish capital. Nothing is better than to swim to freshen up in the middle of an urban oasis. There are many places such as the Complutense Universidad de Madrid’s swimming-pool where many students come after class to spend some good time together. Near the Sierra, you can also find small beaches with natural swimming-pools which offer good spots for sport activities as water skiing or paddling. You should go a few days there to discover amazing landscapes of the mountains Sierra.  

In Madrid, it is also possible to go to parks like the Retiro Park, located in the heart of the city, near our schools. There, you can have a walk under the shadows of the trees, go on a picnic or even rent a boat to have fun with your friends in the small pool after class. Another nice park is Casa de Campo, where a fun amusement park opens its doors to the ones who are ready to lose their minds. In this park, there is a cable car which crosses it and which offers an amazing view on the Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral and the mountain range Sierra. If you are looking for a more quite type of activity, it is possible to have a walk or ride a bike through the park. However, if you want a park which is even less touristic, the Campo del Moro park, located between the Royal Palace and Madrid Río, is perfect for you. If you are lucky, maybe you’ll see peacocks strolling in total liberty.

5. Shops and museums

Finally, we can’t forget that July in Madrid means sales. We think this is actually the best time of the year to go shopping because the shops are full of nice clothes, full of colors. It is also a good time to discover the museums you haven’t been yet such as Prado Museaum, the Reina Sofia Museaum etc. to learn more about the Spanish culture, apart from your classes.

Now you know everything about Madrid in summer and you can see that you won’t get bored even a second. We are waiting for you here, in the Spanish capital, to come enjoy some tapas and fresh beers. See you!

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