7 ago 2018

Cocktails in Madrid

Enjoying a well-made cocktail after a rough week of work on a Friday is a habit Raul and I have developed since we moved to Madrid two years ago. The city has a wealth of high-quality “cocktail bars” and Raúl and I seem to have made it our mission to try as many different ones as our schedule permits (in the name of Guiri Guide research, of course). I thought I would share with you all some of our favorites:

  • Broker Pub Garden: this place is fantastic. It is like being transported to an old cocktail bar in England a hundred years ago. Even though I am a non-smoker, I feel like I should light up a cigar or break out a pipe.from the second I walk in there In addition to the old-fashioned atmosphere, the drink list is varied and extensive and the servers are both knowledgeable and amable. 
  • Del Diego: The thing that stands out the most in this famous cocktail bar is the service. No more than a second after walking in the door, someone is there to find a place for you to sit at a table, stand at the bar, etc. The bartenders are real pros as well. This place is un clásico on the Madrid cocktail circuit and anyone who is a fan of a well-mixed libation should make a point of stopping by here.
  • Gin Club: Of all of the places we have tried, this one has our favorite gin and tonic, which given the name is not all too surprising. It’s small, very dark and always crowded, but it is definitely worth it for the real gintonic aficionado.
  • Shuzo’s: this small, unassuming bar makes a surprisingly awesome gin and tonic, and at €10 for a G’Vine and fever tree, it is a reasonably priced one as well (especially for Madrid and particularly Salamanca). This is another place that is always hasta arriba, but with the undeniable charm of its Japanese owner coupled with the fact that you can order a tapa of sushi with your drink, this is not hard to believe.

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