27 nov 2018

Jazz Clubs in Madrid

My husband and I have always enjoyed listening to jazz where ever we’ve lived. So when we moved to Madrid, we learned there were no shortages of clubs here. We ended up renting an apartment from our friends who live in New York. One of them happens to be the one and only Lou Marini who was the orginal sax player for Saturday Night Live and The Blues Brothers. Needless to say, he has introduced us to the scene here. One of his favorite places is Cafe Central, which is just off Plaza Santa Ana. This is a larger club with a full bar and food menu, and jazz seven nights a week. The entrance is usually between 10-15 euros depending on the caliber of the group, and whether you go during the week or weekend. The show usually starts at 10pm, and goes till at least midnight. If you go on the weekends, though, get there early the line starts out the door at nine.

Another good larger jazz club is Clamores near Metro Iglesia. This club has a lot of good blues and jazz groups come through, mainly local groups, but during the Madrid Jazz Fesitval in November they host groups from all of the world as well. Red House is a group we see from time to time here that includes Lou Marini as well as four of his friends. You can also call ahead to reserve a table.

Two other smaller clubs happen to be right around the corner from us in Barrio de Las Letras on Huertas St. Cafe Populart has about 20 tables and has great local jazz quartets and sextets most nights starting at 10:30pm. This is a great place to stop by for even an hour since it is entrada libre or enter free, and the drinks are reasonably priced. Down the street is one of our favorite little jazz enclaves called La Fidula. This place reminds me of Birdland in New York, a nice small club where the tables and booths surround the stage. They have awesome jam sessions on Sunday nights where as my husband puts it all the heavys come to play. Most shows start around 10:30 or 11:00pm, but some nights they have two shows. You can listen for free at the bar, or there is at least a two drink minimum for a table closer to the stage. Check their website, though, for showtimes and entrance fees.

I know there are other great jazz clubs in Madrid, this just happens to be the clubs we have come across. If you have personally been to one of these clubs or any other great jazz clubs in Madrid, please share them in the comments section.

  • Clamores Calle Alburquerque, 14, Madrid, 91 4457938 Metro Bilbao
  • Populart Calle Huertas, 22 Madrid, 91 429 84 07
  • Cafe Central Plaza de Angel, 10, Madrid 91 369 41 43
  • La Fidula Calle de las Huertas, 57, Madrid

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