9 oct 2012

Discover the most romantic side of Madrid: Valentine's Day in Madrid

Madrid - a romantic city for you and your partner
Cupid's Madrid
At best you might not have known about it, but the inner layers of Madrid have many romantic monuments, restaurants and cafes stored away, all for you to enjoy in the good company of your partner. Do you dare to try to find them? We'll give  you some of our best ideas so that, as a pair, you can enjoy the beauty of Madrid, and perhaps make those Valentine's Day celebrations a touch more special.

A café for two
Out of all the places in Madrid that are brilliant for adding a bit of romance, there are two that have just the added special touch. Ideal for letting everything flow by, as love’s words come out in between cups.

El Café del Espejo, and especially the Pabellón del Espejo (Pavilion of Mirrors) with its pure art-deco style in the clear boulevard of the Paseo de Recoletos, transports us to the romantic surroundings of glass and red velvet. A romantic, Valentine's day classic.

For the more romantic few, this lounge is situated in the middle of Madrid’s Museo del Romanticismo, and recreates the image of a 19th century garden made for daydreaming with your partner.

Candle-lit dinner
Madrid is packed full of romantic restaurants
One of the most romantic restaurants you will be able to find in Madrid, with a great mix between creative, delicious meals and a romantic atmosphere. How about starting with their famous apple croquettes, and finishing with “to die dreaming” (name of an apricot cream with cognac). Without a doubt, this is one of the most romantic plans you and your partner can enjoy, and a favourite for Valentine's Day.
But this restaurant holds yet more secrets. At night, it transforms into a tea lounge called El gato persa, but is a romantic location 24 hours a day.

Journeys through the gardens

But without a doubt it is the parks and the gardens that give Madrid the most romantic of locations.

There are only few who have not yet seen Retiro Park. The autumn is the best time to rediscover it and turn it into the scene of romantic walks through the Rose Garden, the Parterre, or have a row on the pond where the Habsburg used to celebrate parties with a grand orchestra.

Capricho Park - the perfect romantic atmosphere

Less well known, but for the very same reason, more mysterious and refined. An 18th style garden that only allows visitors on weekends and holidays. An oasis where you can relax, and all this is not very far from Madrid city centre. Unforgettable.

Have a few drinks.....in bed
The perfect plan, a few drinks and the chance to relax in a romantic place made so that you can enjoy everything from the horizontal perspective, whether that be from between the cushions on one of their sofas or beds – which are reserved for some of the best cocktails that Madrid has to offer. A DJ also plays live with the appropriate music for a romantic evening....or a funny one!

To finish off, a Sunday morning can also be the perfect plan to end a night of passion and romance. The latino brunch on offer at La Candelita,a small  and cozy restaurant, will awaken your senses and fill you with energy to pledge eternal love to your partner...if you want to!

The most exotic sun in Madrid
If you had to choose one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Madrid, one would be the Templo de Debod, a magical place where you feel as if you are being transported to ancient Egypt and where you can gaze at the afternoon Valentine's Day sunlight as it sets over the Casa de Campo. So romantic, it is not rare to go on a Saturday and see newlyweds taking photos by the monument, so why not take advantage of the romantic atmosphere to ask for your partner’s hand?

Author: Blanca

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