5 feb 2013

Five heart-throbbing ideas for Valentine’s Day in Madrid

Celebrate a romantic Valentine's Day in Madrid

A few months back, we brought you of the some of the many great romantic activities that await couples in Madrid. For those who haven’t stumbled upon that article, fear not, for as the 14th of February fast approaches, we bring you a shed load of new recommendations so that you can enjoy the most romantic Valentine’s Day to date. If you are one who doesn’t usually celebrate the lovey-dovey, looking into the sunset type festivities, we are here to change your mind as Madrid has prepared a whole world of romantic wonders for you to behold. With that in mind, this Valentine’s Day you may find yourself found in a love triangle, with yourself, your partner and the wonderful city of Madrid!

1. An experience to tingle all five senses

Spa, Arabian themed dining + oriental dance show in Medina Mayrit (c/Atocha, 14, Madrid)
Nothing can beat being in a state of total tranquillity, as you relax alongside your partner for the day at an exotic spa in the centre of Madrid. What’s more, your senses experience the full 360 as you sit down to a wonderful oriental dinner and dance show, all coinciding to round-off an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Medina Mayrit, where you are to find this sensual delight, is located just off of the Puerta del Sol in the centre of Madrid, and you will find yourself infused by the chance to relax in the medieval Arabian baths and enjoy their wide range of therapeutic massages, as well as feasting on the flavours of the orient in their restaurant. To ensure the most tranquil and romantic of Valentine’s Day, make sure to plan and book through their webpage.

2.       The perfect romantic night-in in all of Madrid

Dinner + stay in La Posada del León de Oro (c/Cava baja, 12, Madrid)
The most romantic Valentine's Day yet!
The vital piece in the romantic jigsaw that is Valentine’s Day: the romantic meal. With this in mind, there can be few better things than wining and dining in one of Madrid’s most traditional districts, as La Latina combines tradition with a touch of modern Madrid in both its restaurants and romantic accommodating surroundings. If you can stumble upon one of the Siglo del Oro hotels, you will find great romantic getaways all at a fair price.
If that wasn’t enough, the fact that you are planning the romantic excursion in La Latina means you can follow the night from bar to bar! Our personal recommendation, however, would be to unwind and supplement the fine selection of wine available in the specialist taverns, and let the wonders of Valentine’s Day pass before your eyes, something you will never forget!

3.       A Madrid musical that makes you want to roar

El Rey León, Teatro Lope de Vega (Gran Vía, 57, Madrid)
If Valentine’s Day gift giving isn’t your strong point, this is sure to be something that avoids disappointment as you and your partner become enticed by live music, extraordinary dance and an amazing love story that can bring a tear to the eye of even the most stone cold of madrileños. After the curtains are drawn on the Lion King musical, take full advantage of Gran Vía and go for a romantic stroll through one of Madrid’s symbolic streets.

Stroll through Madrid's most romantic park
4.       A real-ly romantic excursion

Real Sitio de Aranjuez: Palacio Real and it’s gardens (Comunidad de Madrid).
If what you really want is to escape the hustle and bustle that comes with staying in the centre of Madrid, we propose that you take your partner to explore the Palacio Real de Aranjuez, from the Austrias ages, and take a romantic pass through the gardens, surrounded by the river Tajo, something even Cupid himself would be jealous of.
This romance comes with convenience included, because if you can catch the C-3 line of the Cercanías train network, you can get there in under an hour and start your romantic escape.

5.       Flowers and gifts: A more typified Valentine’s Day in Madrid

-          For flowers to be bought or delivered to you, we recommend “Efímeras” and the great variety and experience they have in Valentine’s Day bouquets.

-          If you want your partner to sparkle like the night’s sky, then Pandora can provide you with the perfect Valentine’s Day jewellery selection

-          Chocolates or bonbons with a touch of vintage (which you can buy or simply enjoy in their prestigious chocolate shop).

-          If what you really want is to conquer your partner’s pallet, but using the frying pan isn’t quite your forte, why not order a breakfast for you both? On this website you can personalise your food order to comprise the perfect meal for your partner, so you can become the king of romance without even getting your shirt dirty!

Let your Valentine's Day food talk for you!
-          For those who find themselves licking their lips in search of a sweet Valentine’s Day gift, why not try some classic American style cupcakes.

-          Then at the centre of all things romantic, we find the teddy bear. For those who love nothing more than a good snuggle but want to make the little softy a bit more personalised, this company will make your designs a soft, fluffy reality, so now you can create the special bear for the special person!

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