8 mar 2013

Study Spanish in Madrid and the Instituto Cervantes Library

We have experienced the summer, and now we have experienced the winter. We have let you in on our Valentine’s Day secrets and how to have a great Low Cost Weekend in Madrid. What we haven’t told you is how awesome Madrid can be for anyone studying the Spanish language.

The Instituto Cervantes of Madrid
Studying Spanish in Madrid – combine cultural activities, meet the friendly Spanish people and practice your language knowledge right away. Don’t be shy and try talking to somebody – as you might know, the Spanish culture is a really outgoing one and nobody will refuse small talk.

You may already know that AIL Madrid Spanish Language School is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, but what exactly is the Instituto Cervantes about and what do they offer?

The purpose of the Instituto Cervantes

The Instituto Cervantes is a non-profit organization that was created by the Spanish government in 1991 for two main reasons: first, the teaching, studies and use of the Spanish language and second, the contribution to the diffusion of the Spanish culture and language. The Instituto Cervantes is present in 77 cities in 44 countries in five continents with its headquarters situated here in Madrid and in Alcala de Henares, the birth place of Miguel Cervantes, the author of Don Quijote. The headquarters in Madrid has also the main library with the biggest amount of Spanish books and resources.

The Instituto Cervantes Library in Madrid

Logo of the Instituto Cervantes Library
The Instituto Cervantes Library of Madrid counts with an available collection volume of 1.245.369 resources which are divided as you can see in the graphic down below (Dates from December 2012). The Instituto Cervantes Library is specialized in the Spanish language and offers material to Spanish teachers and students but also to translators and linguists. In this vast library, you can find an array of Spanish learning books to provide any information you might need about Spanish grammar (even or should we say especially about the “Spanish Subjunctive”). Furthermore, they offer all kinds of Spanish novels and media material like documentaries about Spain and Spanish America as well as bilingual dictionaries and e-books. You can also immerse yourself in the differences about the Spanish spoken in Mexico, Argentina or Colombia. You can read cultural Spanish magazines or rent Spanish movies. Look further down and see that you can get everything you can imagine about Spanish language and culture! However, the special thing about it is, that you find all this in the beautiful ancient “Cervantes Building” (built in 1918) near Plaza Cibeles which used to be the headquarter of the Spanish central bank.

Resources of the Cervantes Library Madrid

How can you borrow books from the Instituto Cervantes Library?

Online Service of the Instituto Cervantes Library
Once you stopped being amazed by the beauty of the ancient Instituto Cervantes Library, you can use the reading rooms or rent the books if you prefer reading at home. The Instituto Cervantes registered in 2012 a number of 766.424 rent books. Check the availability of the Spanish learning books from your personal computer at your home in Madrid and ask for further information via email. You also have the possibility of ordering Spanish books from other Instituto Cervantes Libraries (there are 61 more of them) or rather use electronically provided literature. If you want to know how better to use the services at the Instituto Cervantes Library you also can also take part in a training course run by the Instituto Cervantes which you can register yourself for via email or by form: biblioteca.madrid@cervantes.es

The Instituto Cervantes Library is open Monday to Thursday from 10h – 18h and Friday from 10h to 15h.

The Summer timetable is : 4th - 29th June: Monday to Friday 10h – 15h and 
                                            2nd - 25th September: Monday to Friday 9 – 15h.  

So, if you want to spend a day visiting a special building in Madrid and by the same time keep on immersing in the Spanish language then take advantage of the Instituto Cervantes Library! We from AIL Madrid really appreciate the offer of the Instituto Cervantes Library and hope that you like our recommendation. If you want to be up-to-date about plans and information regarding our wonderful Madrid just subscribe to our blog and we keep you posted!

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