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Event of the Week in Madrid: Senegalese Dance Night

Senegalese dance is
popular with all ages!
Fancy trying something a little different during your stay in Madrid without breaking the bank? Here’s the answer! This Friday 29th August, go for a fun-filled, free night-out, with Senegalese dance!

Madrid is an incredible city, with cultural influences from all over the world, and this is just another fantastic opportunity to discover more about the fascinating African culture! Madrid is still enjoying lovely warm evenings, and its vibrant nightlife is something you can’t afford to miss! This is a unique opportunity to discover a less known culture, which has exciting influences from all over the world.

1.    Where in Madrid and when is the African dance night happening?


The African dance night in Calle
Zurita 20 is easy to find!
The Senegalese African dance night is taking place in the centre of Madrid, in Barrio Lavapiés, probably the most multicultural neighbourghood in Madrid (metro line 3) , at the Teatro del Barrio. The dance night starts at 22.30, and is free for everyone! Make sure you don’t arrive too late though, as once it’s full, it’s full!



2.    What’s Senegalese music and dancing like? 



Drums are an important part
of all African Music;
Senegalese is no exception. 
Senegalese music and dancing was originally influenced by a variety of dance types including soul, jazz, blues R&B, rock, pop and much more! With a desire to have their own dance and music style, Senegalese musicians started to sing in Wolof instead of French, using sabar drum rhythms.  This was how the most popular Senegalese dance, Mbalax, came about. It is a dance often accompanied by lots of instruments, particularly drums to help with the rhythm. Mbalax dance is popular at nightclubs, weddings, birthdays, and many other important events in Senegal. It’s loved by all ages!

This is a great example of Senegalese dance



3.    What’s special about this music event?

Senegalese dancing
is packed with
energy and rythm.
It’s not often you get to learn about African dance, free of charge.  At this dance night, it’s completely up to the singer to choose how long they stay for and what they sing, so it’s guaranteed to be very different to any event you’ve even been to before! Don’t miss this opportunity to soak up African culture at its best!  We’d love to know what you thought of the event. Did Senegalese music meet your expectations, and was it different to what you expected?

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