13 feb 2015

Meet Joan! An AIL Madrid Featured Student

    > Joan is a 19 year old AIL Madrid student from San Diego, California, USA.
    > She has been studying at AIL for nearly three months so far.
    > Joan just earned a two year professional degree in dance, an art that is both her passion and her work.
    > In San Diego, she teaches children´s ballet, as well as gymnastics and ice skating.

          Joan on AIL Madrid:
          “I love this environment because there aren´t formal tests, except the one at the very end. It´s not about the grade, it´s about actually knowing [Spanish] …. I just have to do what I need to actually learn the material, not to pass a test, so I feel like I’m learning way more in these three months than I did in school. I have a much more positive feeling about language learning now.”

          Joan and her Host-Family:
          “Family is so important here and that’s really nice. They always eat dinner together, and I spend Sundays with the family.”
          “After class I´ll go over all my stuff with [Lucia, my host-sister] and we play the same games that we play in class... it usually clicks when I go back home and talk to the family and go ´oh ok, that’s what that was´. It compliments my class time.”

          Joan on Being a Local:
          “I feel more local than when I did my other [Europe] trip; we were going everywhere and it was very touristy. But because I’m kind of living here, I get to do local things and just live the daily life, which I really like…I go salsa dancing every Monday,  I was surprised that people were just so serious about it! They just took you and started dancing with you and speaking in Spanish!”

          Joan´s Advice:
          “I like that every day is a challenge because I don’t speak the language; going to the store I have to pump myself up and think ‘you can do this!’ … So that’s what I would suggest. Get out there and try it!

          Joan on the Future:
          “I am coming back. I already want to book my flight, I already miss here and I haven´t even left yet. I´m coming back!”

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          1. Nice to know about Joan. The demand for Spanish language has just doubled in a decade. Lots of people are joining Spanish courses to have an added language skill to show in their resume. People are in business sector are giving this language topmost priority in communication.