1 dic 2011

Spanish Food in Madrid [Part 3]

I think I should mention some of the most important places in Madrid that make up a rite of passage for the hungry traveller here in Spain for a first time, or even on a repeat visit:

El museo del Jamón

1.  El Museo del Jamón- A chain of Spanish restaurants that are typical to Madrid building ham shaped huts in the deepest nightmares of any Spanish vegetarian. Inside are rows and rows of suspended pig legs, either Iberico or Madrid and a wide selection of meat and other dishes. Each one will also have a bar to enjoy your slice of Spanish pork to the fullest.  –  (914 317 296)
El Tigre - Madrid, Spain
El Tigre- This is Madrid´s Mecca of free tapas, their drinks are big and pretty cheap and they serve a colossal quantity of Spanish food which is a carbohydrated cloud nine.  It´s always packed full of Madrileños, day and night and the floor is always full of crumpled napkins and rubbish. That´s the sign of a good Spanish bar. – (915 32 00 72, Calle de las Infantas, 30)

A traditional street sign of Madrid
Cava Tempranillo - Just one of many great places located on the Cava Baja, one of Madrid´s most delicious streets. The food is impressive, a little expensive yet authentically Spanish. This is an essential road to visit when in Madrid and is the beating heart of La Latina. Other notable mentions include Casa Lucas (inventor of huevos revueltos) and Taberna Txakoli (Basque cuisine).

If you´ve done La Latina to death (it can happen) then I suggest you check out the Plaza Santa Ana or el barrio Huertas for a less touristy experience and to get to know some of Madrid´s most elusive eateries. (Metro: La Latina)

Mercado de San Antón - Not technically a bar and located in Madrid´s cosmopolitan gay district Chueca. It is an essential spot to visit for foodies, has lots of croquetas stalls, a Spanish cocktail and champagne bar and places to buy oysters if you ever get that urge. It also has a huge terrace if you feel like soaking in the Spanish sun. (Metro- Chueca).

These four are only just the tip of the iceberg and in fact no other country than Spain in the world, apart for Cyprus has more bars per inhabitant. What needs to be done is go out and explore Madrid for yourself and find your own locals and favourites.
I´m sure I´ve missed many off this list so if you know of anymore please let me know in the comments section below and we can form a super-list of the best places in Madrid.