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Cava Baja, the street of a thousand bars

La Latina - the social heart of Madrid
Do you know any place in Madrid where it is more difficult to decide on which bar you want to go to? If you have already visited this street in the centre of Madrid, then you have already realised that there is always something new to discover. And it is this street, la Cava Baja, that lies right in the heart of La Latina that offers us a journey through all of the Spanish foods and flavours. We are going to take a journey through the street with our recommendations, do you accept the challenge to try and discover them all?

Great Spanish food all along la Cava Baja
"La Perejila"
No. 25 Cava Baja - Madrid
Today we start with an Andalusian tavern that has a retro style to it, a lively atmosphere and the smallest of tables. The decorations will make you feel like you're sat in the middle of a Southern tablao (typical flamenco dance show), and there you will find traditional Spanish foods like "albóndigas" (meatballs) or  "salmorejo" (a zingy cold tomato soup) with the tastiest warmed bread. It feels like Andalucia is right in the centre of Madrid. The most vital bit is that you try their wines! The best times to enjoy everything the bar has to offer are to go to relax right after a hard day's work or travel, or on a Sunday after a morning spent at El Rastro, the popular Madrid-based street market, it gives you a chance to recharge!

"Taberna Txakolina"
No. 26 Cava Baja - Madrid
Pintxos - great variation of tapas
One of the most typical Spanish foods is tapas, but do you know anything about pintxos? This is a Basque variance on the norm and creates exquisite dishes in a reduced size. There are all types of dishes available and cater to all taste buds, normally based around a bread base, but the rest is left to the imagination of the chef! Equally as different is the way you eat them, unlike other bars, you don't need to wait for the waiter/waitress to come and serve you, you can do it yourself! Pure spanish food in nothing more than a handful. All you have to do is pick up a plate and then you're free to fill it with as many pintxos as your heart desires, taking in all the variety that the bar has to choose from. From our small journey through the madrileña street, our recommendation is that you experience Txakolina, whose name comes from the wine that best acompanies the food, the Txakolí. Prepare yourself and your taste buds for all that these dishes have in store!

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