26 oct 2012

Halloween Parties in Madrid

Halloween in Madrid is a time of terror!
A Halloween party is a pagan tradition of Celtic origin which has been brought to Spain through the American influence, and merges with the catholic celebration of “All Saints Day” and “All Souls Day” (1st and 2nd of November). Madrid offers you the chance to celebrate the special Halloween party in style through the most terrifying parties and the most traditional of sweets. If you are brave and want to enjoy a great Halloween party, keep reading!

Sweet temptation – a sweet Halloween

Huesos de Santo are a tasty Halloween snack
The sweetest temptations over the Halloween period are called “buñuelos” (like doughtnuts) and “huesos de santo”. Buñuelos are made with a weight similar to that of churros, and huesos de santo are made from marzipan. The tradition for the feasts is to fill the buñuelos with cream and the huesos with egg yolk and sugar, but you can find both desserts in a wide range of varieties here in Madrid: with chocolate, cream, truffle, praline, coconut and even yogurt!
From here we recommend that you go to the most madrileño bakeries like el Horno de San Onofre, and a great Halloween party to help you burn off all the calories!

Halloween Parties!

        A Halloween party that mixes dance with terror for 5 hours, with music from some of the most famous DJs! Taking place on the 31st of October in the Palacio de Vistalegre, from 10pm onwards into the night. The price is 12€, and if you go in costume then they give you the first drink free, whether it be beer or a soft drink. You can get your spooky tickets from Ticketea.

A music festival and Halloween party left in the hands of the ever-eccentric Steve Aoki, and one which will give away 3000€ to the person with the best costume! Taking place in Madrid’s Telefonica Area, you can get tickets from 22€.

Rocky Horror Show
If you fancy yourself for being the king of the Halloween party, don’t forget the Rocky Horrow Show, one of Halloween’s best nights with beats to take you through the night in one of Madrid’s most famous nightclubs! Costumes are key!

Best places to eat and drink

O'Clock pub in Madrid has the best Halloween cocktails 
This terrifying authentic British pub, specialising in cocktails, has created the perfect drink for a Halloween party, called Bloody Hills, it is only available on October 31st for a price of 14€.

NewYork Burger
New York Burger brings you the Halloween party with the already known Halloween Burger, a beef burger cook in a charcoal over accompanied with goats cheese, tomato jam, lettuce and tomato. It is available from the 29th of October to the 3rd of November, so that you can enjoy some of the American traditions at your Halloween party!

Scares and costumes for families, friends and kids alike!

Even the smallest of the family can enjoy the Halloween party with costumes, trick or treat and some songs from TurboEsqueletos and the Boo Devils. Taking place in the Rock Palace, Vara del Rey, 6 (11.30 – 13.30), with prices of 4€ for kids and 7€ for adults.

The terror of the Halloween parties will take over the theme parks, with various spectacles being created for the occasion, with 3 new spooky adventures and of course, the terrifying attraction of The Old Town House.
And there is a special passage especially for the kids, with free make-up to give a touch of terror to the costumes and the special attraction of The Castle of John the Fearless. From the 6th of October until the 4th of November, with a special timetable on the 31st of October: running until 1 in the morning!
The best way to arrive is either on Metro Line 10 (Batán) or bus routes L33 and L65.

The Warner Theme Park
Madrid offers a great Halloween for everyone
The theme park has 8 new shows, 3 of which have been specially made for kids, as well as no shortage of Halloween workshops. You can complete the Halloween party with the “Terrifying dinner” on October 31st, which also has a kids’ menu. All open from the 6th of October until the 10th of November, with another special timetable for the 31st of October, with everything being open until midnight. For entry, there is a 10% discount if you buy online, and the second day will have free entry!

Spooky places to stay

If you are visiting Madrid, then you can stay in this 19th century building located in the Barrio de los Austrias, with a special programme and reduced prices so that everyone can join in on the Halloween party.Hotel Meninas offers housing and a special programme of events from the 29th of October up until November 4th.

This restaurant with show also hides a few surprises for a great Halloween party!

Halloween en Madrid 2012
If what you want to celebrate the best Halloween party is the complete experience, make sure to stop in one of the complexes dedicated to terror is every aspect. Your perfect plan for Halloween is what is planned by “the cemetery of souls” and “The Restaurant of Last Rites”. As ideal for adults as it is for children, it offers two different plans for both lunch and dinner. All of this and they offer you the terrifying chance to sleep in their cemetery or in their rural housing. It will be the perfect Halloween party, with the right backdrop, scares, a themed dinner and dance party, all in the company of the right professionals. Most definitely, a Halloween night that will be impossible to forget. 

Author: Blanca