2 jul 2014

Madrid, 4th July: Let’s celebrate Independence Day!

4th July in Madrid
As it is often said, in the United States, everything is bigger, and better… so imagine what happens when the biggest event on the American calendar descends on a welcoming festive city like our beloved Madrid. Independence Day in Madrid gets bigger and better every year it comes round, and this year we figured you might need some help deciding where to go and what to do to make the most of the American festivities. 

In this article, we provide you with a brief suggested program to get the most authentic American experience this independence day… Live the American dream for a day!

Eat like a true American

MAD Café in La Latina
Searching for real American food in an authentic atmosphere? Madrid has a good selection. 

Mad café (the Modern American Diner), is a good choice for fans of home-made, delicious dishes in generous portions. Their tasteful and innovative hamburger is the house specialty: a thick piece of juicy succulent meat accompanied by chunky fries and garnishings. Don't miss the spicy buffalo wings to start, but be warned they are spicy Tex-Mex style! An American style corner in the middle of La Latina. Highly recommended, in fact AIL Madrid have chosen it for two of our recent Christmas parties!
American restaurants in Madrid:
authentic 50's style

If you are a fan of the fifties you have to see the magnificent decor in such restaurants as Peggy Sue’s and Tommy Mel’s: juke-box, sophisticated hairstyles, and waiters on roller-skates... An authentic time travelling experience!

Celebrate the 4th July with music

The Memphis Mafia Band
An authentic blast from the past
This year there are several places you can go to make the most of the American festivities, and we've selected the best of the bunch. If you're looking for some authentic American music, then why not head down to Honky Tonk Live Music Bar to see the "best Elvis Presley tribute act in Spain" - the Memphis Mafia Band. It starts at half past midnight so you'll be among the first people celebrating independence day, and the best part - it's completely free!

Once you recover from that, The Hard Rock Cafe, which incidentally is only a 2 minute walk from our main office, is the perfect place to celebrate independence day with American music, food and as always, a great atmosphere. The cafe is famous for its food and its music as well its impressive selection of rock memorabilia. If you feel like a bit of shopping is missing from your American experience, don't forget to check out the cafe's 'Rock Shop' - an authentic american style shop stocking all the latest trends in American fashion.

So now that we've given you the blueprints for an unforgettable American experience in Madrid, it's up to you whether you make the most of it. The American Dream with a Spanish twist - a mouthwatering proposition. Can you resist the temptation, partner?

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  1. Celebro el 4 de julio con mi familia. Lo primero que hacemos es ir a un gran desfile en un pueblo de unos veinte minutos de nuestra casa. Después del desfile hacia fuera en la casa de mi tía y tío. Salimos juntos hasta que los fuegos artificiales están a punto de comenzar y disfrutarlas en familia. Siempre es un divertido momento!