11 sept 2013

Showstopper! Fashion Week Madrid has arrived

Hot on the heels of New York Fashion Week, it’s now Madrid’s turn to strike a pose and soak up the limelight, as the Mercedes-Benz Fashion extravaganza comes to town on Friday 13th September. The event takes place twice a year as part of IFEMA Feria de Madrid, at Cibelespacio, close to Campo de Naciones, and will attract celebrities, designers and fashion lovers alike to Madrid, rich in artistic heritage. 

Fashion Week Madrid, Glamour and Style

Jaw-dropping collections attract
big name stars to Madrid
A host of famous names in the fashion world will be displaying their Spring/Summer 2014 collections in Madrid this year, including top fashion designers Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Victorio&Lucchino, Roberto Verino and Hannibal Laguna. And with sponsorship from Samsung, L’Oreal, Movistar and of course, Mercedes Benz, the show promises to be a decadent showstopper, reminding Spaniards that Spain left behind the years of hardship. Madrid is internationally renowned as a stylish city, teeming with off-duty models, upcoming designers and fashion bloggers - it is little surprise that the buzz surrounding the event is huge. That is to say nothing of the celebrities who will be gracing the front rows of the fashion shows: last year, actresses Adriana Ugarte and Marian Aguilera were spotted mingling in the audience, along with presenter Lujan Argüelles. The September shows attract Spanish starlets and big names – who will you spot?

FWM: Home of New Talent

Meche Correa, guest of Fashion Week Madrid,
draws inspiration from Peruvian  culture
Madrid Fashion Week is also dedicated to fostering new talent, particularly homegrown talent, like this year’s rising star Juan Vidal, an Alicante native and winner of numerous awards including Vogue’s Who’s On Next prize in May of this year.

Of course, while all that is going on at home, Madrid Fashion Week this year has invited the culturally flourishing Peru to be guest country. With huge overseas demand for its exceptional cuisine, art, and of course, fashion, three Peruvian designers will be showcasing their unique twist on the latest European trends. The three designers, Meche Correa, Sitka Semch and Jessica Butrich will grace the Bertha Benz catwalk on the 16th. So prepare to have your eyes opened by Correa’s colourful designs and Semch’s exquisite cocktail dresses!

Fashionistas, brace yourselves – this will be one Fashion Week that you’ll never forget!

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