27 oct 2014

Halloween in Madrid: Costumes and Recipes

Pumpkins are here, which can
only mean one thing: Halloween!
Pumpkins are already appearing in the shops, and that can only mean one thing: Halloween is on its way! We’ve already talked about what to do in Madrid this Halloween, but now it’s time to go onto the finer details! To make this the best Halloween yet, we’ve got some fantastic ideas lined up: from decorating your house, to the most extravagant Halloween costumes and thrilling Halloween recipes: will you dare to try them?

1.  Costumes and Decorations 


Do you dare to wear anything
this scary?!
You’ll find Halloween costumes, decorations and fancy dress shops all over Madrid, but if you’re stuck on where to start, here are some of our suggestions! Whether you’re looking for ready-made costumes, or materials to make your own, these shops have it all!  

1.  Maty Disfraces 

Maty Disfraces is located right in the centre of Madrid, in Puerta del Sol. There are Halloween costumes for all budgets here!

2.  La Surtida

La Surtida has stores all over Madrid. They have everything you can think of from the typical witches and zombies, to slightly more unique costumes like butchers and pink monsters!

3. Fiestas Paco 

Right by La Latina, this is your place for a party! You’ll find what you’re looking for this Halloween in Fiestas Paco.

Got your costume and no idea where to start on make-up? Look no further, Martha Stewart has got every make-up type you can think of down to the ground!


2. Halloween Recipes 


2.1. Spooky pumpkin cupcakes recipe 


Terrifyingly tempting...!
Always find yourself throwing away the inside of your pumpkin once you’ve decorated it? We’ve got the solution here: a recipe for some fantastically freaky and terrifically tasty pumpkin and maple cupcakes!

What you’ll need:

•    200g self-raising flour
•    1tsp baking powder
•    ½ tsp ginger
•    1tsp mixed spice
•    1tsp cinnamon
•    150 caster sugar
•    150g brown sugar
•    170g pumpkin puree
•    2 eggs
•    2.5 tbsp maple syrup
•    125ml olive or sunflower oil

For the frosting: 

•    300g of icing sugar
•    60g butter, at room temperature
•    60g cream cheese
•    Food colouring to make black, green and orange icing

How to make the cupcakes: 

Make sure you add the recipe
ingredients in the right order!
1.    Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (Gas mark 4).
2.    Mix the sugars, pumpkin puree, eggs, oil and maple syrup in a large ball.
3.    In a small bowl mix the flour, baking powder and spices.
4.    Slowly fold the flour mixture into the sugar mixture, until you have a smooth mix.
5.    Spoon the mixture into the cases- you should get 12, and the cases should be ½ to 3/4s full.
6.    Cook for 15-20 minutes. Insert a knife into the middle of the cake. If it comes out clean, and the cakes are golden and spring back when touched, they are ready!

For the special frosting and decorating: 

A little food colouring goes a
long way in this recipe!
1.    Cream the butter and cream cheese together, slowly adding the icing sugar to the mix.
2.    Once smooth, divide the mixture three ways.
3.    Place 2 tablespoons in one bowl (add a little green colouring), 1 tablespoon in another, with a little black food colouring and add orange food colouring to the remainder!
4.    Now comes the fun part, and the test of your creative skills! Once the cupcakes are cool, ice the base orange, and then carefully ice green stalks- if you have a piping back this will be much easier.
5.     Draw on a spooky face with the black food colouring, and you’re done! Halloween cupcakes to share with your friends and family…if there are any left by then!

2.2. Creepy Halloween Cookies Recipe  


Good cutters will make
Halloween baking much easier!
Looking for something quick and effective? This recipe is easy as pie (excuse the pun), and people of all ages will love them! Whether you go for pumpkin cookies or any other Halloween theme, they are sure to be delicious! These cookies are ideal to give to any trick or treaters that come by…if there are any left by then!

What you need to make the Halloween cookies: 

•    100g caster sugar
•    100g butter, softened
•    275g plain flour
•    1 egg
•    A few drops of vanilla extract
•    Halloween cutters!
And for decorating:
•    300g Icing sugar
•    A couple of drops of water
•    A couple of drops of food colouring of your choice
•    Sweets, chocolate or Halloween decorations

How to make the Halloween cookies:

Halloween cookies are easy to make
and fun to decorate!
1.    Preheat the oven to 190 degrees (Gas 5)
2.    Cream the butter and sugar with a wooden spoon. When ready, it should look a  bit like ice cream!
3.    Beat the egg with the vanilla extract, and add it little by little to the butter and sugar mix, stirring continuously.
4.    Stir in the flour, until the mixture becomes stiff and dough like. You may need to mix with your hands at this point.
5.    Roll out the dough. It should be around a 1cm thick (no smaller!)
6.    Using cutters of your choice, cut out your biscuits and place them on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
7.    Bake the biscuits for around 10 minutes. They should be golden brown. Leave on a wire rack to cool before decorating.

To make the icing:

Get decorating: Halloween
cookies have to be spooky!
1.    Sift the icing into the bowl
2.    If you have lots of different Halloween shapes and want to ice them with different colours, you may want to divide the icing sugar into a few different bowls at this stage.
3.    Gradually add the food colouring and water until you have the desired consistency.
4.    Make sure it is quite thick, so it doesn’t drip off the biscuits!
5.    If it comes out too thin, just add icing sugar until the consistency is right.
6.    Spread a thin layer of icing over each cookie. Feel free to add any other sweets, chocolate or Halloween decorations that take your fancy!

Have fun this Halloween! It’s a great excuse to relax, do some seasonal cooking, dress up and decorate your house! Why not have a Halloween house party and show off all your fantastic decorations?

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