16 ene 2015


Its winter; you’re feeling sluggish, slow, and can’t remember why you went to stare into the depths of the refrigerator. You knew there was something you wanted, but you don’t actually feel hungry and your brain has been so fuzzy lately.

If only there was something to make you snap out of it, make you feel quicker, wittier, and more capable. You need a brain boost, but how?

Luckily for you, the answer is quite simple: LEARN SPANISH!

Learning a second language is a proven method of developing your brain, giving you a better grasp of your own language, and improving your knowledge and cultural prowess.

By learning Spanish, you will soon become the most delightful and ingenious person at any party!

Here are 7 key life improvements that you will begin to notice, no matter what your age, as you learn a new language:

Develop your brain!
1. Brain growth- Instead of letting your little grey cells grow weary with time, learning a new language actually helps the most vital parts of the brain expand and grow, keeping you mentally younger and more agile!


Remember all the good times.

2. Improved Memory- Not only will you now remember exactly why you went to the refrigerator, but you will also remember the names of all your partner’s relatives, amusing anecdotes you read in the newspaper, and the eye color of your best friend from elementary school. Moments are fleeting, but your memory will last forever!

Get a new point of view!
3. Native Language Improvement- Learning a new language improves your awareness of grammar, vocabulary, and expressions. Though you may be studying Spanish, your mind will draw continuous parallels to your own language, building new perspectives for common words and expressions. Win every scrabble game!

Some coffee on a bike? Why not?
4.Ability to multi-task- Have you always wanted to be one of those people who seem to magically get everything done at once? Now you are! Learning a second language helps to train your brain to balance two things at once, which translates easily to the rest of your life. By next month, you could be watching TV and completing a crossword puzzle simultaneously!

You’ll have a great time when you’re older.

5.Better health- Being bilingual can help you ward off the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia for up to four years longer than monolingual people. So while you might not feel you need Spanish now, your brain will thank you later! Adios Alzheimer’s!

Get organized!
6. Better decision making skills- Not only does learning another language make you more perceptive to the information around you, but it also helps you to better process it. Being bilingual helps you to become more organized, which allows you to fully understand your options and make clearer, more rational decisions that, in turn, improve your quality of life and long term success!

7. Boost your confidence- The more knowledge you have, the more self-assured you become. By learning a new language, you can quite literally take charge of your own destiny.
You'll be able to celebrate like this!
Change your life: Sign up for Spanish classes today, and watch your dreams become reality!

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  1. ... y además mediante del conocimiento de los aspectos socioculturales de la lengua que estás aprendiendo, puedes conseguir desdoblar el pensamiento único y razonar como "dos cerebros"
    Oí decir que "Aprender una lengua es un viaje que empieza uno y siempre acaban dos"