9 mar 2015

St Patrick’s Day 2015: Celebrate in Madrid!

Excited to get in touch with your Irish heritage or want to find out what all the fuss is about? Celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2015 with style, right here in Madrid! Between the parties, concerts, family-friendly festivals, and Irish bars, finding the perfect fiesta to suit your style is easy! See below for this year’s highlighted and a few fun facts about the holiday itself:

The Tradition
St Patrick’s day was made an official feasting day during the 17th century, originally as a celebration of Christianity’s arrival in Ireland via St Patrick. Over the years, however, it has morphed into a celebration of Irish heritage, culture, music, and origins. Today, both religious and cultural celebrations can be found not only in Ireland, but throughout the world: the largest foreign celebrations are held in Canada, Great Britain, Argentina, and the United States. Even the international space station throws a party!

 Whatever you do this St Patrick’s day, make sure you don’t leave home without something green! The color green and/or a green shamrock are the traditional garb for this high-energy holiday. The shamrock has been worn for centuries to represent luck, Irish heritage, and (at times) the Catholic Church. It was even worn by Irish soldiers during the war to represent their homeland and to bring them luck in battle. Whichever representation you choose to honor, your night is sure to be full of green adventure!

Global Greening
In addition to wearing green, countries across the globe are showing their Irish solidarity by participating in the Global Greening campaign. One example in our very own Madrid is the Cibeles fountain and palace, which will glow various shades of green all evening on March 17th, so be sure to walk by and check it out!

Events in Madrid 
Sunday March 15th, 10:00 to 18:00- 
The Irish embassy is hosting a fun, family-friendly celebration in Parque Deportivo, Puerta de Hierro! This celebration includes a warm welcome from the Irish Ambassador, Gaelic football, hurling matches, music, dancing, and Irish films. For families and children, the event also includes temporary tattoos, stickers, storytelling, and Irish theatre! Enjoy traditional Irish cuisine from the vendors at the park or feel free to pack your own picnic. Either way, this will be a great start to an action-packed week!

Tuesday, March 17th, 19:00 to 21:00-
Head over to the Irish Rover (Av del Brasil, 7, 28020 Madrid) for free necklaces, drinks, and some
yummy snacks! Grab your entry bracelet at the door, get a free drink, and enjoy nice discount on the rest! This event features live music, dancing, and countless opportunities to make new friends.

Wednesday, March 18th, 22:00-
The venue Gruta77 (Metro Oporto) is holding a St Patrick’s Day charity concert, featuring The Fatty Farmers (punk rock/Irish folk fusion), the Irish Treble and Dance Lab dancers, and additional music from Nous (punk rock). Entrance fees are 8-10€ and can be purchased on the Gruta77 website or Ticketea.com. It’s St Patrick’s day; get wild!

Even if you choose not to attend a specific event, be sure to head to the center of Madrid, which boasts several Irish bars, to join the crowd of green-clad partiers for a night of drinks and fun!

Join Us! 
Here at AIL Madrid, we’ll be participating in the Global Greening campaign and sharing photos of our staff and students in all their green glory! Feel free to join the movement and tweet or send us your St Patrick’s Day photos and stories!

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