21 jul 2015

Spain Crowned as the Healthiest Country in Europe

 News networks are afire with the information that Spain has been knighted as the healthiest country in Europe by the latest study from the leading medical journal, The Lancet . Here at AIL Madrid, we think this study (based on 20 full years of data) simply proves what we’ve been saying all along: living in Spain really is the best life choice!

According to The Lancet, the Spanish diet and family-based culture gives Spaniards the highest life expectancy (81.4 years), as well as the highest number of active, healthy years (70.9) to enjoy with their loved ones. Spanish people are also far more likely to care for their elderly relatives, whether at home or in a hospital, and thus set an important example for other cultures throughout the world.

For those of you who have already spent time with us or who live here in Madrid, you can see these statistics in action every time you walk outside your front door: markets full of fresh fish and vegetables, people of all ages strolling under the trees in Retiro, and tight-knit families joining together for meals, movies, and endless conversation. So next time  you go out with your friends to your favorite hole-in-the-wall, you can rest easy that your heart-healthy glass of red wine and fresh Mediterranean olives are improving your life both in the short and long term.

And for those of you who have yet to join us in Madrid, think of this study as a call to action: come to Spain and live longer, the Spanish way. Join the AIL Madrid family and try one of our Spanish cooking classes, you'll feel healthier in no time!

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