11 ago 2015

Celebrate the Día de La Paloma, Madrileño style!

Another great opportunity to show you're a true Madrileño is here! One of Madrid's most iconic festivals takes place on August 15th and you won't believe its quirky origins! Read on to learn about the Día de La Paloma events in Madrid and its unique history- it's one for the books!

Though not one of Madrid's official saints, Santa Paloma gives strong competition as the most beloved. According to folklore, this is due to one elderly woman centuries ago, who had a small statue of the saint outside her home in Lavapiés.

Those who paid tribute to this statue were rewarded with miraculous healings, and soon she became an icon on the city. Eventually a church was built,with the help of the Spanish royal family, on the site where the statue had stood.

The tradition has continued through the centuries among nearly all Madrid's residents and today it is one of the most iconic festivals of the summer!

Many Madrileños dress up in traditional period clothes called chulapo suits and dance the chotis through the streets. Throughout the weekend there are activities, competitions, live music performances, and much more, allowing you to experience a true Madrid party!

Don't miss out on this unique experience! See the full programme here!

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