28 ene 2016

5 Tips to Heat Things Up: Valentine’s Day Romance in Madrid

Valentine’s Day romance is hitting Madrid hard, so swipe right on some of the hottest ideas in town! Whether you’re in a long term relationship or just looking for some fun, AIL Madrid is bringing you the most heart-throbbing ideas in the city: try one, or try them all ;)

1. Romantic Spanish Dance Classes

Looking to crank up the romance? Learn to tango together! Dance Classes Madrid also offers flamenco and salsa, but we think there’s nothing more sensual than a heartfelt tango. Try it with our Spanish and Dance course to enjoy the best of both worlds: dancing and flirting in Spanish!

2. Super Sexy Flirty Dance Classes

Is the tango not spicy enough for you? Dance Classes Madrid has a little something for the saucier crowd: try burlesque or pole dancing and release your inner wild child! These skills come in handy no matter your relationship status and pair well with cava and cocktails.

3. The Flavor of Love: Cava and Oysters 

Visit the Oyster bar at Orío with that special someone- nothing like a glass of cava and some fresh oysters to get the blood pumping for what looks to be a great evening! And the best part? If you’re just in it for the oysters, no reservation is needed and it’s located right in between Malasaña and Chueca, so there are plenty of bars and clubs with dimly lit corners to enhance the mood...

4. Get your Blood Flowing with a Little Massage

The best gift you could give your Valentine’s date… and yourself! Try a Thai couple’s massage to connect on an intimate level, as well as to relieve stress and negativity from a day that (we admit) can be a little pressure-filled. It’s a great way to get to know each other or do something special outside your daily routine. Romance, relaxation, and a gift for both of you!

5. The AIL Special 

For those of you flying free in a new city, don’t miss Noche de Copas (the Friday before Valentine’s Day)! This is a great opportunity to find new friends (romantic or platonic) who share similar interests and are looking for a fun adventure. Feeling a little shy? Check your tinder and who knows… the cutie from class might have swiped right too!

So from all of us at AIL, Happy Valentine’s Day: may your dance classes be sexy, your oysters with a dash of hot sauce, your massage stimulating, and your tindering hotter than ever. Viva Romance in Madrid!

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