29 jun 2016

Your Guide to Madrid Pride

The largest annual event in Europe and second largest event of its kind in the world starts in Madrid today: Madrid Pride Week!

For the next five days Madrid, especially in the Chueca neighborhood, will be celebrating LGBTQ pride with unparalleled zest, with over 2 million participants and events ranging from a race in high heels down a cobblestone street to non-stop concerts and a parade spanning the entire city center.

Beyond the flabbergasting list of exciting events, this week is the crowning jewel for Spain in general, reminding attendees and people all over the world of the country’s role as the third nation in the world to legalize gay marriage and the first to recognize it as equal to heterosexual marriage. Madrid in particular has been a role model for other cities, as it embraced its transition, beginning in Chueca, into the tolerant, loving metropolis it is today.

So for those of you in Madrid this week who want to jump right in, check it out, or just learn more, here are some of the highlights of this week’s pride program:

1. Pregón del Orgullo LGTB
Wednesday 29th June. 8:30pm. Plaza de Pedro Zerolo.
Welcoming speech and memorial for the victims of the Orlando shooting

2. Carrera de Tacones
Thursday 30th June, 6pm. Calle de Pelayo.
Traditional high heel reace! ¡La tradicional carrera de tacones! Dare to try it? Great prices and, above all, tons of fun!

3. Escenario WorldPride Madrid
Starts Friday 1st July, 8:00pm. Puerta de Alcalá.
A gala featuring tons of famous artists from the Spanish music world, as well as other events!

4. IX Gala Mr Gay Pride España 2016 
Friday 1st July, 10pm. Puerta del Sol
The winner will become "the official representative for the fight for LGBT diversity and equality" and attends the Gala with the starring musical artists.

5. Marcha del Orgullo
Saturday 2nd July,  6:30pm. Reminder: starts in Atocha and travels along el Paseo del Prado y Recoletos before ending in Plaza de Colón
The theme of this year's parade is "Laws for Real Equality Now. 2016 Year Bisexual Visibility in Diversity ". Over 1,500,000 people expected to attend!

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