25 oct 2016

Exciting Halloween Ideas!

A Place to stay during Halloween

La Casa de los Horrores de Aranjuez is the most terrifying house in the whole of Spain because according to legend it’s haunted! Over a long period of time, hundreds of souls and people have been trapped by this haunted house. Today, no one wants to live nearby and no one dares talk about what has happened inside. Are you brave enough enter…?

From 130 euros. This price includes: dinner, accommodation, breakfast, an open bar, Cluedo, a horror show and multiple terrifying games and puzzles.
Address: Camino de Villamejor, 28300, Madrid

To party

The Moby Dick Group is emerging from the darkness for one special night in Madrid! Their busiest and most popular party takes place at The Irish Rover. In fact it is probably the most popular Halloween party in Madrid! This is down to the incredible decorations, people dressed up for the occasion and the terrifying atmosphere that is created. If you dare enter this party, you must pass through the now famous Pasaje de Terror which is riddled with spooky and threatening beasts from the afterlife. If you survive this, you’re greeted with a free shot to help you through your fear! Also, if you turn up dressed in a scary costume, you’ll get discounts throughout the whole night!

In the Moby Dick Club itself, Halloween is synonymous with rock music and partying into the early hours! The Exploding Boys will be opening this night of incredible music that has been named the R.I.P Rock Party! It is sure to be a night to remember. As in The Irish Rover, those who make the effort to dress up, get a free shot as well as discounts throughout the night. Enjoy!

Finally, the Moby Dick group celebrates Halloween in Areia Chill Out and Lola 09. It is now a tradition that those who work there put on incredible makeup and terrifying costumes – many people come simply to see these! Together with the impressive costumes, two young DJs, Cherry Pie and Alviker, will be performing some magic of their own from the decks!

If you’re looking for a good night out on Halloween, you won’t be stuck for ideas!

To eat out

The restaurants Enigmatium y El Enterrador both set up exciting Halloween themed dinners! You’ll have great fun figuring out a series of puzzles and witty riddles!
From 45 euros. For the Enigmatium, the price includes; dinner (vegetarian menu available), open bar, 3 hours of entertainment and a photographer! For the Enterrador, the price includes dinner, a fun escaping game, open bar, entrance to the Mansión Dam, a drink and a disco!

To visit

On Tuesday 1st November at 1800 hrs in the Plaza Mayor, discover, with a free guided tour, the places that have witnessed Madrid’s most famous murders and their mysteries.
Pre-book to go and see “Crimen y Misterio en Madrid” (“Crime and Mystery in Madrid”) at the Tourist Office in the Plaza Mayor.
The group Carpetania have also planned their Halloween trip to Madrid: “Misterios y secretos de Madrid”, (“Mysteries and Secrets of Madrid”) on 31st October at 2030 hrs. This is an evening stroll that tells the most dark and sinister stories of Madrid. You’ll pass through the Plaza del Rey, the House of Seven Chimneys, the San José Church, the Caballero de Gracia, Montera street and the streets around the Puerta del Sol.
12 euros. The price includes: the guided walk, printed information about the journey and a drink.

Enjoy Halloween in Madrid!

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