17 nov 2016

Justin Bieber in Madrid!

Calling all AIL Madrid music fans! Justin Bieber’s coming to Madrid next Wednesday 23rd November as part of his world tour of the album Purpose! The concert is taking place in the Barclaycard Center which happens to be only a block away from our school! In fact, on your way to class you may have seen a huge line of people camping out over night to try and get their hands on those elusive tickets!

Since his first album in 2009, Justin Bieber has become one of the most successful artists of all time. He has broken world records and this album Purpose was the fourth best selling album of 2015 with worldwide sales of over 3 million!

If (somehow) you managed to find yourself a ticket, have a great time and don’t stop ‘Beliebing’! Maybe stop by one of our Spanish classes on the way!

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