29 dic 2016

New Year's Eve in Madrid!

La Puerta del Sol
Happy Christmas AIL Madrid students! Now that Christmas is over, the next thing to look forward to is New Year’s Eve! As you might expect, New Year’s Eve or Nochevieja is an incredible time to be in Spain. It’s a very special and significant fiesta filled with excitement, noise, fun and tradition. If you’re lucky enough to be in Spain this weekend, make sure you practice your Spanish and soak up all the tradition and culture!

The 12 Grapes!
Saturday nights in Madrid are already some of the best nights out in the world so this Saturday, New Year’s Eve, promises to be something special. Thousands of people pack into the Puerta del Sol for the both the countdown and the incredible fireworks display. It’s a Spanish tradition that everyone eats twelve grapes, or doce uvas, for every strike of the clock in order to bring them luck for the next twelve months. You’ll see this going on in whichever Spanish city you happen to be celebrating. Another Spanish tradition on New Year’s Eve is dropping a gold object into a glass of Cava in order to bring not just good fortune but an actual fortune in the coming year. Be it a golden ring or a golden coin, it all goes in the glass! Then, in order for the charm to work, once the clock strikes midnight you have to drink the entire glass, retrieving your golden object. Give it a go this Saturday! Spaniards also say that in order to kick off the year on the right foot, your first step after the bells have chimed should be with your right foot. As you can see, midnight kisses alone won’t do you any good here in Spain!
Gold rings in the glasses of Cava

The party certainly does not end at midnight! Cava and cerveza flow in the hundreds of bars, restaurants and nightclubs across Madrid as the party spills onto the streets until the early hours of the morning. As the sun rises on New Year’s Day the churros con chocolate come flooding out as people reminisce on the events of the night before. Madrid really is a wonderful city in which to spend New Year’s Eve!

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