7 abr 2017

Semana Santa in Madrid!

Semana Santa (Easter) in Madrid and in the rest of Spain is a hugely celebrated weeklong festival where 15th Century traditions are still upheld. In this blog we’ll tell you a bit about the history of Semana Santa throughout Spain as well as the best things Madrid has to offer this Easter!

The festivities begin on Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) where many churches throughout Spain organize processions where people carry large leaves or olive branches which have been blessed in the church to mark the arrival of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. This year in Madrid, the procession will be held at the Basilica de San Miguel at around 4pm on Sunday 9th April. Watch out for the people wearing clothes similar to those from the late 14th Century!

On Wednesday (Miércoles Santo) and Thursday (Jueves Santo) there are various parades taking place throughout the city for you to choose from. On Wednesday 12th April, Madrid’s Archbishop will take part in the Vía Crucis, a parade which goes through the 14 points of resurrection, starting from the Parraquia de San Ramon Nonato at 17.00 and ending at the Seminario Conciliar de Madrid at approximately 21.00. On Thursday, one of the most impressive events of the Semana Santa will take place. Taken place on Calle Toledo, at around 19.30, the religious images of Virgin Maria Santísima de la Esperanza and Jesús del Gran Poder are presented by the members of the Colegiata de San Isidro church on top of a huge altar, carried by people in traditional dress.

In order to witness the most traditional outfits, make sure you head down to watch the Procesión de Silencio (Procession of Silence) on Good Friday (Viernes Santo). People will be covered from head to toe (faces included) in black or white cloth, and, as the name suggests, will be completely silent. Following this on Saturday is the Nuestra Señora de la Soledad which leaves the Corpus Christi Monastery at around 16.30.

The main event of Semana Santa takes place on Domingo de la Resurrección (Easter Sunday). The city’s main square becomes a gathering place for brotherhoods and spectators come to witness the Temborada del Domingo de Resurrección – a drum performance which aims to stimulate the earth tremors from the day of Jesus’ death.

If you’re in Madrid this Easter, make sure you don’t miss out on all the amazing festivities taking place throughout the week!

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