26 sept 2017

¡European Day of Languages!

On the 26th September, we celebrate the annual European Day of Languages At AIL Madrid  we believe that this day is the perfect way to promote the cultural diversity of Europe, and most importantly, to encourage everyone to get involved and learn a language!

We encourage you to use European Day of Languages as an incentive to start studying the most spoken language in Europe, ¡Spanish!  You will discover new friendships as well as developing a skill that will benefit you in the business world.

The hardest thing about learning a new language, is adapting to phrases that are specific to the country.  In Spanish, there are thousands of sayings that can only be acquired with practise and time!

Therefore, to celebrate European Day of Languages at AIL Madrid , we are challenging students and teachers alike to come forward with their favourite colloquial phrases or sayings and share them with us!
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