2 ago 2018

A special corner of Retiro

I’ve been living in Madrid for over 6 months now and I was just recently introduced to a very special corner of Parque del Retiro – a gorgeous park near the center of the city that deserves exploring if you haven’t already!

In the southeast corner of the park, you will discover a lovely, well manicured area with walkways divided by splashing fountains and surrounded by overgrown trellises and cozy corners, perfect for sitting with a good book. But this area isn’t just special for it’s paths and nice places to lounge on a warm summer day… You will discover something even more amazing. More beautiful.


Somehow these gorgeous birds are contained in this area and seem quite at home with visitors gawking and snapping photos of their brightly colored feathers.

I hope you enjoy this surprise as much as I did and have a chance to sneak a peak at the lovely birds!

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