16 ago 2018

Biking in El Retiro

I can’t imagine a more perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon than meeting friends for a leisurely bike ride and picnic in the park.

Unfortunately, our bikes didn’t make the cut when moving to Spain so we were pleased to discover that we could easily rent bikes instead. 

BioBike is located on the East side of Retiro, directly across the street from the park, within a block of the Ibiza metro station. They rent bikes by the hour, by the day and sell ‘bonos’ or passes for 10, 20 or 30 hours. The bonos seem to be the best deal since you can share a single bono among as many people as you’d like. They also have a variety of bikes to choose from and offer bike baskets to carry your picnic (or puppy in my case) as well as child seats if you plan to take your little ones along. BioBike offers guided tours, but you can also go out and explore on your own. Riding through Retiro is a bit challenging with crowds of people everywhere, but it makes for great people watching and a leisurely ride.  

And once you finish up your ride you can sit back and relax at the café next door to BioBike for a cerveza or refreshing vino tinto!

Calle de Galileo, 43, 28015 Madrid

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