30 oct 2018

Getting Halloween ready in Madrid

Even though it still feels like summer in Madrid, Halloween is fast approaching. Like many an American, I have been thinking about and planning my costume for quite a while now, so this past weekend I set out to get some supplies in order. Through the power of the internet, I was lucky enough to discover a store in the ABC Centro Comercial on Calle Serrano called PARTY FIESTA.

Knowing Spain and its general lack of Halloween costume culture, at least in the 12 and over set, my expectations were pretty low going in. In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, I have to say I was genuinely impressed with the size of the store and the selection. There was not the same “let’s turn a current event or viral video persona into a costume” thing as there is back home, but the basics were more than covered. I was particularly impressed with the make-up/fake blood/wig selections (I was told approximately 1 in 2 Spaniards is either a witch or a dead person, so this comes as no surprise). There was also a decent assortment of Halloween party props and accessories, such as the multi-color strobe light of some sort that the couple in front of me in line was purchasing.

PARTY FIESTA, as the name implies, also has lots of supplies for parties in general (kids’ birthdays, holidays) such as decorations, paper goods, balloons and the like.

As I head back to the world capital of Halloween next week to attend the big parade (er, and also to get married), I can safely say that Madrid did not let me down. This “Bride of Frankenstein” to-be will not be any less spooky than if I purchased my garb in the belly of the beast itself.

Party Fiesta
Calle Serrano, 61 (there are also many other locations throughout the city)

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