8 nov 2018

English movie theaters in Madrid

How’s your Spanish? If it’s like mine, it’s not particularly great. For me, seeing a movie in Spanish, without English subtitles, is more work than entertainment. And that’s what the movies are to me, entertainment. I want to sit back, relax, and start eating the giant Milke chocolate bar I’ve smuggled into the theater.

There are some good options for English movies here in Madrid. The largest of the English theaters is Cine Ideal, located near Sol in Plaza San Jacinto Benavente. The complex is large and hosts the latest films, conveniently in V.O.S. (version original subtitulada – which is most often English). You can also purchase tickets online. Cine Ideal also features movies in 3D. Before the holidays I saw the latest Narnia in 3D here, and although the film was just ok I did enjoy wearing those goofy 3D glasses.

Another great English movie option is the Renoir theaters. They have locations all over the city (and Spain), and although the theaters are smaller they usually have a least one English movie playing. The Renoir theater closest to me is Renoir Retiro, which has 4 theaters and usually 1-2 are English movies.

These two theaters are my favorite English theaters here in Madrid. Cine Ideal is perfect for a giant selection of new movies. It does get crowded on the weekends so do come early to get your tickets. On the other side, Renoir Retiro is quiet, small, and very close to my apartment, which makes me love it even more.

Note: Some theaters require you to choose your seat when you purchase your ticket, so if you are going with a group try and purchase your tickets together to ensure you get to sit as a group.

Happy viewing!

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