29 nov 2018

Madrid books that I dig

I am a travel book junkie. Oh and I am also a planner. If I am even considering a vacation for 3 years down the road…I will have all the appropriate books for it as soon as the thought pops in my head. If work sends me to a destination that I have not been to before then a travel book is hastily purchased and every waking moment outside of work responsibilities is spent “experiencing” said new destination. The quantity of travel books that made the journey to Madrid is alarming and a topic not discussed between Will and I because I am sure the cost of shipping my “collection” outweighed its value…by a lot. As you’re planning your move to Madrid [and any outside travel] you might also find some of these sources useful. Happy Reading!

Living Abroad in Spain – This book is good for the nitty gritty. Need to know what steps to take to bring your pet into Spain? Concerned about how Spain will react to your race and religion? It covers many of the logistics you’ll be concerned with but don’t rely on this source solely as I feel its pretty high level given that it has to cover logistics for all areas within Spain. The author is American so its safe to report that the intended audience is North American – or at least English speakers.

Rick Steves’ Spain [With Pull-Out Map] [RICK STEVES SPAIN-2009] – Whether you’re already a Rick Steve’s follower or not, this is a great book. With his guidance you find yourself often in with the locals, eating regional specialities at a decent price. His books always give helpful regional/population tidbits in an easy-to-understand language which makes the reading enjoyable.

Madrid (City Guide) – Very extensive and very helpful. Sites, restaurants, bars…etc are conveniently broken down by neighborhood. Information on Madrid is thorough – so much so that it can serve as a semi-decent relocation guide as well.

Lonely Planet Madrid Condensed – Great pocket size guide to stuff in the purse and take around as your exploring all the main sites in Madrid. Great for getting acquainted with Madrid.

Fodor’s See It Spain, 3rd Edition – The book itself is aesthetically pleasing. It covers all of Spain and therefore only provides the most basic and most popular of information on sites. However once it gave me a great tidbit on how to find a discounted room at a upscale hotel in Valencia and it worked!

Fodor’s Madrid’s 25 Best, 4th Edition – Another good pocket guide for the basics with some good walking tours. Read this one before you go out but then take the Lonely Planet Madrid condensed with you for more detail.

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