13 dic 2012

Free time in Madrid: 10 low cost suggestions

Save money with these low cost ideas!
Madrid is a city which gives you a million low cost plans for you to take advantage of. AIL Madrid gives you just a small sample of the things you can do in your free time, without having to break the bank.

     1. A Madrid styled Breakfast
Having a light morning snack can go one of two ways. It can have quite the traditional Spanish feel to it, or it can be a bit more cosmopolitan. Here we give you a low cost option for both tasty options:
  • The more traditional churros with chocolate awaits, and for a great, low cost:
  • One of Madrid’s best brunches, complete with the warm and friendly surroundings, all at the lost cost of only 14€.
     2. Shopping in Madrid
Madrid has all the markets you can think of, so you can buy everything you could need, and all at a low cost, and with so much choice, you are bound to find something to suit your tastes:
  • The celebrated low cost Fuencarral Market, the Soho of Madrid, where you can find all the alternative fashion you can get your hands on
  • If what you are looking for are low cost designer brands, then Madrid can offer you the best outlet store for miles, Las Rozas Village.

     3. Free visits to Madrid's Museums
For the best deal on low cost entry into Madrid’s best museums, including the Prado and the Reina Sofía, make sure to check out the free hours on their timetables.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a time in which the Thyssen Museum is free, but it does offer free and low cost visits to some of its temporary expositions in the Fundación Caja Madrid.

In recent years, the Caixa Forum has become a focal point for seeing Madrid’s culture, and all at a low cost. The facilities that it has, it’s very own vertical garden and its wide range of low cost monthly offers are open to all members of the public, and in fact, the majority of their activities are free.

Low cost meals don't cut out the quality
     4. Lunch in Madrid
Apart from the low cost Madrid classic “Menu of the day”, you can get great value for money in top quality restaurants such as Lagloria de Montera, La finca de Susana y El bazaar, choose your favourite! When you go, you won’t believe how much food you can get that is so cheap and chic, low cost Madrid at its finest! 

     5. Exclusive Cinema in Madrid
The Filmoteca Nacional or Cine Doré release classic films and repeat the most successful filsm of recent years, whether that be Spanish cinema or internationally acclaimed films, always in their original form with subtitles. Moreover, it is an essential event for the most learned of all film lovers, and online you can see the films they are repeating each week. A warning though, because of the popularity of the films and the low cost of it all, it is best to try and beat the queue, because there are normally only a small number of tickets available in the smaller cinemas!

     6. Living in Madrid
One of Madrid’s best qualities is that you can find comfortable, centrally-based accommodation that all comes at a low cost. We would recommend to anyone that you stay in any of the following three types of accommodation during your time in Madrid, where you are sure to feel right at home:

      7. Madrid's Music Scene
Be immersed in Madrid's culture, at a low cost!
Do you like live music? The Galileo Galilei is jam packed with upcoming musicians and small pieces of theatre, and has something suited to everyone’s tastes, whether that be jazz, flamenco, singer songwriters, Latin beats, oriental dance etc. In true “Café concert” style, you can get music, drinks and a relaxed atmosphere all for the low cost of just 10€.

     8. Free Reading in Madrid
For all book lovers, there is something for you too, as Madrid has just opened up a free centre for all things books! Be one of the very first to discover it!

     9. Theatre in Madrid
Madrid is a theatre-based city of excellence. Right in the centre of Madrid is where they release the plays and musicals that the whole world wants to see. If you risk it and buy your tickets in the “Last minute ticket office”, then you can save 50% and get the best tickets at a very low cost!

     10. Madrid by night
Madrid is the known as the city that never sleeps, and considering that, there is no wonder there is such a plentiful supply of places where you can enjoy the finest food and drinks, no matter how deep your pocket. We have selected just some of our favourite spots, whilst bearing in mind the best low cost-quality ratio, enjoy!
  • A tapas dinner in one of these two cervecerías is a guaranteed success:
     - 100 Montaditos

     - La Sureña 
  • If you fancy something a bit more sophisticated without leaving the idea of low cost, our choice would be La Musa. Despite the classic tapas design of the restaurant, you will be pleasantly surprised with their cocktails and the relaxing lounge atmosphere.

We hope you have enjoyed our 10 suggestions for how to make the most out of Madrid at a low cost, having a good time and experience the authentic Madrid lifestyle doesn't need to break the bank! Enjoy your time in Madrid!

Author: Blanca

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