12 may 2014

Madrid rides a bike

The electric byciles arrive to
The people of Madrid value healthy lifestyles and within weeks public bicycles will arrive to the streets of the Spanish capital. There is still not an exact date for launch, but in the centre of Madrid, some citizens have woken to a little surprise: the installation of the first anchors (bike stations) and the firse bikes of BiciMad has already begun.

Warm temperatures and the summer sun in Madrid encourage everyone to go out, walk in the parks and do sport, so cycling will be very pleasant and popular thanks to BiciMad’s initiative.

The lucky visitors and locals can take advantage of more than 1,500 bikes available and have the convenience of being able to grab or leave them on more than 120 stations in the centre of Madrid. The first lucky districts are: Centro, Salamanca, Moncloa, Pacifico, Retiro and Arganzuela; and if the initiative is successful, they will be also installed in Tetouan, Chamberí and Legazpi.

The first electric public bicycles in Madrid

Around Madrid  you can already find
the bike stations

BiciMad bikes are electric, making the Spanish capital the first in Europe with this system.
The electric bicycle does not mean that you don’t have to pedal; it makes pedalling easier on the sloping streets of Madrid.
This feature is especially useful when pedalling away from traffic lights and on inclines, something that less athletic users are sure to love.

The BiciMad initiative could lead to a pedal boom and turn the Spanish capital into the cycling capital of Europe.
In most cities where public bicycles have been installed, their use has grown day by day, something that will most likely contribute to the success of the modern and innovative BiciMad bikes.

BiciMad: is Madrid ready?

Obviously, the public bicycle service is very positive for the city and the health of citizens, but some groups of people who live in the centre of Madrid are concerned about the appearance of all these bikes "overnight".
One of the cyclying lanes in Madrid
Some people think that the centre of Madrid has inadequate infrastructure, as there are only a few cycle lanes and cycle streets (and on these streets you can also go by car, but at a limited speed of 30 kilometres per hour).

The major concern is to protect cyclists from cars and buses, which is why the City has promised that it will build nearly 70 km of cycle roads and new "bike lanes" to facilitate the implementation. This will encourage calmer traffic which promotes the safe coexistence of cars and bikes.
The truth is that the City Council initiative for a greener and eco Madrid is very positive. Surely if the centre is conditioned for safer bicycle use, the BiciMad initiative will be a complete success and all users will benefit.

  How to rent a bike and how much does it cost?

The bikes will be rented by the hour. The cost depends on the duration of the rental and if you have a BiciMad annual card or not. There are two rental prices for BiciMad bicycles: with annual card (0.50 € for the first half hour and 0.60€ for the following half hours up to 120 minutes) or without card (2€ per hour up to 120 minutes). After two hours, the price goes up to 4 Euros/hour to avoid business competition with rental bikes companies.

Prices of the use of the bikes to enjoy Madrid

There are BiciMad stations
all around AIL Madrid 
Thanks to the more than 120 "stations" scattered around the centre you can easily pick up and drop off bikes, so it should be very comfortable and affordable to enjoy this green method of transportation.
If you are already enthusiastic about this idea and want to buy the annual card, the price is 25€, or 15€ if you already have Madrid’s public transport card. Clearly, with the annual card you can save money, especially if you usually use a bicycle.

5 positive points of BiciMad

  • Bicycles available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • There will be less traffic.
  • Less pollution.
  • The bicycles are electric with pedal assistance, so are easy and enjoyable to use.
  • Helps to maintain a healthy and active life.

    Are you already excited about the idea of cycling in Madrid?
    Here at AIL Madrid we can’t wait!

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