25 ene 2013

Help beat the winter freeze in Madrid: Skiing and more

Madrid is transformed in winter
Previously we have brought you our recommendations about what you can do in Madrid for New Year’s, the best places to eat and even how to spice up your summer, but now we bring you our specialised winter sport recommendations!

Ski in Madrid:

  • Madrid Xanadú: snowzone.

If you are someone who dreams of hitting the ski slopes, but you don’t fancy travelling too far from the centre of Madrid, then the Madrid Xanadú shopping centre provides the getaway you so desire. Xanadú not only offers you a great range of shops, restaurants and delights to pass the time, but it is also home to one of Spain’s very few authentic snowzones, which gives everyone the chance to try their hand at skiing and snowboarding.

The Xanadú Snowzone in Madrid
Don’t worry about trying to fit all your ski gear in the car or on the train, the Xanadú snowzone will provide you with everything, all you have to do is get on the ski lift and travel down the 18000 square metres you have in front of you. What’s more, if you can spare a Wednesday afternoon during your time in Madrid, the Xanadú snowzone is half price! For everything you need to know about the Madrid Xanadú snowzone, look at the Madrid Snowzone website.

If you are travelling to Madrid Xanadú snowzone from the city of Madrid and you don’t own your own car, you can catch the bus routes 528, 534 and 539, which will all take you to the foot of the “mountain”!

  • Navacerrada: Where you can find Madrid’s skiers and snowboarders alike

For those who love everything snow, including skiing, other winter sports and the picturesque nature scenes, Madrid provides yet another winter surprise – el Puerto de Navacerrada. You will find Navacerrada hidden away around 50 kilometres north of Madrid city centre, filled with skiers as they flee there to take advantage of the winter season. If you want to feel the fresh air as you steady yourself down the 1,425 kilometres of mountain side, but don’t want to leave the home comforts of Madrid, Navacerrada is the place for you! Take advantage of the developments around the town by staying in a hidden away rural retreat, or even add in a touch of luxury as you stay in a spa hotel. Take a look at some of the offers available at Navacerrada.
1,425km of Madrid ski slope awaits!

Even without your own car, Navacerrada is still a vibrant travel possibility, just hop on Madrid’s Cercanías train network and you can get to Cercedilla in just 50 minutes. From there, simply hop onto the Cotos train until you hit the Puerto de Navacerrada. Make sure to pay a visit to the Cercanías website for the latest times and updates.

Our last recommendation for you would be to spend some time in Navacerrada town, located in the heart of the Guadarrama Mountains; it is the personified image of Madrid in winter.

Ice skate in Madrid:

  • Palacio de Hielo Madrid (Madrid Ice Palace)

Ice skate, the perfect Madrid winter activity
For those who envisage their Winter Wonderland as being one long ice rink, then the Madrid-based DREAMS Ice Palace shopping centre gives you the chance to ice skate to your heart’s content, as the 1800 square metres of nothing but ice lets you ice skate until you can stand no more. With that in mind, when the ice skating has left your legs feeling a little more jelly-like than normal, you can take advantage of the DREAMS Ice Palace shopping centre in front of you and go for food or catch a movie, the world is at the end of your blade!

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