19 jun 2013

El Día E: the Spanish Speakers celebration!

 Join  the Día E celebration
in Madrid
Another summer is coming to Madrid and once again we have to talk to you about a special celebration: On Saturday 22th June marks the celebration of the “Día del español” or Día E, a festival which honors each of the 500 million Spanish speakers spread of the world's 5 continents.

In this article you will find all the details about this year’s Instituto Cervantes (by which AIL Madrid is accredited) events for this celebration. Join the Día E!

What do we celebrate on Día E?

The objective of this celebration is to come together and share the rich Spanish culture of Spanish speakers. If you are in Madrid, come by this Saturday 22th June to the Instituto Cervantes on calle Alcalá 49 and enjoy the cultural activities fest with the fun and games scheduled from 11:00 to 14:00.

Día E Activities in Madrid

The festive activities in Madrid will include:
Creative activity to celebrate
Dia E
  • A story telling session: Learn about famous popular Spanish stories and legends in Spain and South America (México, Cuba and Paraguay).
  • Magic show: when words take a complete different dimension with the intervention of the illusionist Pedro Volta.
  • Creative letters corner: Do you already have a favorite word in Spanish? Join this activity to take your Spanish favourite word to your home. If you need any help choosing your Spanish favourite word, see what spanish celebrities have to say:  Favourite words Día E.
  • Visit the Instituto Cervantes’ letters box and what Spanish embasators in area of art, science and culture have left as a legacy in this "time capsule".
Spanish students, teachers and basically everyone who wants to have a fun morning will visit the Instituto Cervantes on Saturday 22. Are you going to miss it? I am not.

Dia E activities in Alcalá de Henares

Instituto Cervantes in Madrid

If you want more Día E festivities, you can go to Alcalá de Henares on Calle Libreros 23, where the Instituto Cervantes will welcome you on Saturday afternoon and evening with more activities for all publics, kids and adults:
  • The “Inspiration’s places” exhibition. You can discover an incredible collection of ilustrations inspired on the book Don Quijote, the poetry of Lorca or paintings by Goya and Velázquez. All the illustrations have been created by some of the most prestigious Spanish and South-American artists from the 20th century and complete a unique collection.
  • The “Draw and print” craft workshop where kids from 5 to 12 years old can discover their artistic fiber and play with words in a dynamic way. Help your children developing their creativity!

Brief stories contest

If this wasn't enought, this year the Instutito Cervantes organizes a story tales, 3 finalists already have been selected in by the different Instituto Cervantes centers. The tales are a good mix of inventiveness that will transport you to different realities! The time to vote for a winner is still open. Below you have links to the 3 finalist stories:

-          Bienvenido a Madrid
-          El Atorrante del Licancabur
-          El Rey de España

If you want to be judge of this contest, you have to read the three of them and vote for your favorite!

Remember that anyone interested in Spanish is invited to celebrate Dia E. You don’t need any reservation and the entry for every activity is FREE. See the full program of the Día E and plan your day to have a happy Día E!

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